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  1. Ballpark Digest had a good article about the situation, and a few possibilities that could occur.
  2. I did have that in mind, but forgot to list it.
  3. Posting this here, since i dont think theres a better place. Since the Florida Fire Frogs were bought out of their lease at Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, has anyone heard of any possible relocation sites? My first thought is that there really arent many viable options. the ballpark at Disney World is pretty much a no, so that leaves Vero Beach (former Dodgertown), Brevard County (could be Space Coast Stadium where the Frogs relocated from 3 years ago, but hosts youth and travel ball tournaments mostly or Cocoa Expo I guess), UCF (I dont know if this is an option, but there arent many possibilities), and maybe Sanford.
  4. Out of curiosity, is there a reason as to why the Chargers were given the first right of refusal to negotiate with the Rams to move to LA, with the Raiders having to await that decision?
  5. I think the number on the front of the Nats script jerseys is set a little to high causing the script to be set at a high angle. The road Washington script doesn't seem to have this issue. I wonder if this could be remedied with adjusting the location of the number ever so slightly towards the belt.
  6. Orlando to Tampa "should" take about an hour and a half, but us locals know thats only possible in the middle of the night when driving on I-4. I live about 10 miles east of Tampa, and to get to Disney World (about 50-55 miles away, and about 15 miles or so south of downtown Orlando) takes me an hour and 15 minutes on a good day.
  7. I feel like the addition of a third league in both AAA and Low A might help in scheduling. Im curious if that could be a condition, especially for travel situations.
  8. With all of the blue seats in Petco, im hoping for a nice cool tinted chocolate brown. A warm red tinted brown would be a little offputting.
  9. No official schedule from the Lightning, but driving home last night the digital billboard on I-275 had an ad for the next home game on Saturday October 19th, and it had a player in the black alt and was shown in black and white text, no blue. I presume we'll see a mostly Saturday home game schedule with the black jerseys with a possible match with Toronto at home added to the mix, as was done in past years with the previous alternate jerseys.
  10. It’s a prototype, so I presume the left chest would have manufacturers logo.
  11. There's a leaked Vipers jersey in the XFL identity thread in Sports Logos, no branding but the talk is that it's Adidas.
  12. Pretty sure we'll see the Rays in navy blue in Houston Friday and Saturday. Theyve been on the road since last Friday in Toronto and i assume they only packed one set of jerseys.
  13. Buccaneers on the worst list for two straight weeks? Kinda surprised.
  14. LA Rams vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh New England vs. Washington Buffalo vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. Oakland Minnesota vs. NY Giants Jacksonville vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Denver vs. LA Chargers Green Bay vs. Dallas Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. San Francisco