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  1. Hopefully this will lead to them putting an end to the Shadow Flames identity.
  2. Cool. Now they just need to compete (please don't continue to waste this guy's career).
  3. Lol Duke is gonna run through the East. The next best team is Michigan State and Coach K always beats Izzo.
  4. 1. I honestly hope he doesn't have any from the start. 2. I mean... yeah? I'll take the gamble.
  5. He'll obviously be a placeholder until they draft their franchise guy in 2019 2020. All in all, I'm just glad Tannehill is gone.
  6. So is this gonna be one of those ACC-heavy tourneys this year?
  7. Wasn't Foles #5 when he was with the Rams? He's like any other backup-esque QB that goes through multiple numbers.
  8. I'm not too big on the logo being that minimized. It looks cluttered in that limited amount of space.
  9. Bell to the Jets. Hey Buffalo, make room for us down there in the AFC East basement.
  10. It somewhat bothers me that Jackson wasn't with them in the Super Bowl. He should've been there.
  11. After having Rosen (and trading UP for him) for one season, is Arizona really gonna draft another QB? They better hope Murray ends up being a HOF QB because they have much bigger needs at other positions.
  12. If it weren't for the home plate, I would've thought that was golf.
  13. I understand the reasoning behind him not choosing 34, but it's still gonna take a bit of time for me to get use to him in 3.
  14. Didn't we pretty much already know this for like, the last month or so? Anyway cool, he went to a division rival and gets to go to Washington several times a year! I'm just waiting for the jersey burns.