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  1. I don't like it when teams wear alternates more than average, but the Nationals' navy ones are arguably better than the rest of their uniforms. I wish there was a white version of them. Make those the homes and it would match perfectly with the roads.
  2. Cardinals don't belong here. They only got this far because Atlanta is cursed to never move past the NLDS. I think the Nats are a legit threat to New York or Houston, but I'm not favoring them.
  3. I haven't been watching football this season (and wow, it is refreshing), but I got a notification on my phone that Rosen was benched in the 2nd half of the game against the Redskins. This was after I got another notification that the Dolphins were going to make him the starter throughout the rest of the season. I'm not the biggest Rosen fan, but man, this guy has not had a great start to his career. Being drafted by a team that wasn't any good and then abandoned immediately a season later, traded to a team that is even worse. Miami also doesn't seem to see him as their future guy, which further proves the point that he's been set up to fail. I know it's business, but I feel bad for him.
  4. I hope the brown isn't too dark. I don't want instances where it looks black during night games.
  5. Oh, wow... Lol okay. None of these things were suppose to happen. This was suppose to be predictable (or maybe it really was). I'm rooting for the Nats from here on out, but the fear of a STL-NYY World Series is becoming more imminent.
  6. Pitching Verlander on short rest wasn't very wise. Might cost them the series, but at least it goes back to Houston.
  7. The Kelly green looked great during the Wild Card game. However, the problem I have with the color is that half the time, it turns into a mucky or limey shade under certain lighting. This is more evident in their older Kelly green uniforms during the 1970's. The Minnesota North Stars had this issue as well, where their uniforms looked olive rather than Kelly. The Philadelphia Eagles used to look lime sometimes when they wore their Kelly green uniforms.
  8. Need to see how it's used on TV. Was the old one suppose to be a ticket? That's what it always looked like to me.
  9. Scoring four runs in the final ending to take the lead is the most Cardinals things ever.
  10. Preds logo would look better if navy and gold were reversed.
  11. I'm going to the Brewers-Nationals game tonight. My uncle managed to get us tickets for seats near the Brewers' dugout (which is impressive considering he no longer works for the team). I've never been to a playoff game for any league and I honestly don't have much of a rooting interest either. Just hoping for that experience of Baseball in October.
  12. Is this the third logo in the last fifteen years? I remember they had a "toonish-looking" one before their previous thinner wordmark.
  13. USC is going to keep the PAC-12 out of the playoffs again.
  14. The Cardinals will win the division. They'll have some nobody come out of nowhere and dominate the Braves, carrying them to the NLCS. We'll all be like "oh, not this again", as they take the first two games against the Dodgers. But then St. Louis will ultimately lose the series in seven games, where we'll all (except for Giants fans) have a big sigh of relief.
  15. What are the chances this becomes a reality?