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  1. I wasn't knowledgeable of those, but okay... I guess it's not funny.
  2. We have all these wonderful upsets, and it will probably lead to another Boston sports team title.
  3. It would've meant more if he was with a Montreal-based team.
  4. It's funny how the National league might possibly just adopt something (DH) from a formerly-known "alternative league".
  5. Hopefully with better striping. The numbers also don't look as good when they aren't italicized so they might as well change those too. However, I personally like it when college programs have a consistent and unified look.
  6. Also, the Nuggets should make royal blue their primary color over navy. If they're going to be a blue, gold, and red team, use the better shade of blue. Those alternates look really sharp compared to their main set.
  7. I want to add that the Lakers, who have arguably the biggest brand in the NBA, are pretty much in the same boat. Lakers goes back to the Minneapolis days, but it's still their name... and I haven't seen any petitions to change it.
  8. Worried? Nah. As an American, I would have no problem with the drought ending. It's just that this was too easy to predict.
  9. The obvious has passed in the Eastern Conference. This is where it gets fun; Any of these teams can get to the Finals.
  10. He's gotten tossed, what... 12 times in his career? I would've assumed that everybody, even Philadelphia, would've known what they were getting from him. This shouldn't be too big of a deal though; it'll blow over. At least he's not boring.
  11. I thought the whole time Chicago was black and white, with silver accents. Still, doing something like that could work for the Rockies, even if the silver is barely noticeable.
  12. What else do the Thunder need? They got two superstars on their roster, but can only muster a six seed and a first round exit. As much as I hate to say it, George would've been better off in Los Angeles.
  13. Silver as a second color would be hard to do simply because it would blend in with grey, which is a neutral color for the away uniform. For a football, basketball, or hockey team? It can work. But not for baseball IMO. I just want Colorado to go with purple and white, but for some reason, teams with just one color can't resist adding black to their uniforms.