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  1. With the news that Ottawa is getting a CPL team owned by Atletico Madrid, I tried my hand at designing a logo for them. It's pretty much the same logo, with Madrid's coat of arms substituted for Ottawa's. There's the finished product, my only gripe is the large blank spaces in the bottom left and top right, I'm not quite sure what to add there. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Favourite quirk are Tampa's victory stripes as already mentioned. Least favourite are the Flyers nameplates. It looks like they lazily stole them from another jersey. It's even more annoying because their jerseys would otherwise be perfect.
  3. Looks really good. My only feedback would be to add an outline to the yoke on both jersey to make the whole set more coordinated.
  4. In my opinion, the leaks of Colorado and LA's jerseys are vomit-inducing. I'm a big traditionalist when it comes to jerseys, and there's barely anything about them I like. Here are my fixes for both teams' jerseys. Colorado: I simplified the mountain/A to just be a chest stripe, and added the C logo to the chest. Everything else mostly stays the same. LA: I unitalicized the LA logo, and put it in a black chest stripe on a grey background. I went against making the jersey half-and-half, as it would be too similar to what they wore in 2015. Any C&C is appreciated!
  5. This has been great! As someone with a bit of Croatian heritage, seeing a series like this is really cool.
  6. Game 7, 2017 NHL ECF Game 6, 2015 NHL ECQF Double Doink Every time the Cavs have played the Raptors in the playoffs
  7. Not really a thrift store find, but I was given a 4th of July FLORIDA Marlins cap as a gift.
  8. NoE38

    Name That Font!

    Anybody know the name font used on the Sens swoosh jersey?
  9. I don't think that all teams should have to have a white jersey. Obviously I'm not gonna ban them outright, but I don't see the need for every team to have a jersey of the same colour.
  10. I think this is a great modernization. I'm just curious to see what it would look like without a gap between the shield and the crown.
  11. On Ottawa, I'd like to see a bit of plaid on the shoulders, and maybe make the stripes a bit bigger, and I'm sold.
  12. Best Sabres concept I've ever seen. Holy crap that's beautiful.
  13. Love the namebars. Everything is great! Only thing I don't like are the pants, but I'll let them slide if it's only for one game.
  14. Around a week ago, the jersey that the Buffalo Sabres will be wearing next year for their 50th season was leaked. I don't think it's great, but it isn't terrible IMO. I tried to fix its issues in this concept. First, I gave it a blue yoke like Buffalo has worn for a long time, and edited to striping so there is no yellow-on-white, and made blue the majority colour. The logo and numbers stay the same. What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  15. I absolutely love the 90s Sens jerseys and 2D logo, but I don't want to see them back as full-time jerseys. I'd rather the team come up with something new.