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  1. One small step for man... That's all. A small step. It's a decent jersey, but it'll take more to fix the whole set.
  2. Words fail me. You could make something (slightly) better in a shorter amount of time by removing the letters and adding some collar trim. It takes a certain talent to fail this spectacularly.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, I had forgotten about it.
  4. The glaring inconsistencies ruin the Cowboys' set. The white jersey set is fine design-wise (although K-State does it better, fight me), but the blue one sucks and the three (four?) different shades of blue drive me crazy and so do the shiny pants and the black on the sleeve stripes and it's all very frustrating. I'm a staunch traditionalist, but some things should just be left in the past. (Yes, I'm aware they made the pants less shiny last year, don't @ me.)
  5. I DIED laughing when I saw these, not because of the design but because I had LITERALLY* just been doing research into how many college teams wore that font back in the '90s. (For the uninitiated, it was a Reebok thing.) *ok, not literally, it was a couple of days ago
  6. I am V E R Y unhappy right now. (At least the design itself is semi-passable; although if the numbers have the same stencil effect, I may reconsider. The hat is trash, though.)
  7. Apologies if someone's already made something like this, I haven't been keeping up with the thread. The way I see it, here are the teams who could potentially redesign their uniforms in the next three-four years and are thus prime targets for ditching TV numbers: Miami (although any redesign would probably draw heavily from their throwback) Buffalo??? (maybe they decide that the retro look isn't working out) Baltimore Houston? Denver (please base them off of the Color Rush, thanks bye) Philadelphia??? Washington Atlanta (gotta stay hip every five years) New Orleans? (see Miami) Arizona (if my own team drops TV numbers, I will jump off a building) LA Rams? (they seem pretty committed to lunacy, so I don't know) San Francisco??? Seattle? Dunno if I see it becoming terribly widespread, but one is already too many.
  8. "After years of waiting Nothing came And you realize you were looking in Looking in the wrong place" In all seriousness, though, they are better than the last set. No side panels plus no drop shadow is a big plus; but they feel very uninspired, the shoulder stripes are a bit too garish, and the lack of TV numbers is frustrating. I love TV numbers, and there's no reason on Earth not to use them unless maybe you're 2010s Texas A&M.
  9. I've been working on this for the past two months. Without nothing to do and no baseball to watch, I decided to re-create the uniforms of every World Series since 1995. That snowballed into every World Series since 1969, and then every single playoff series since then. I present fifty years, 256 images, and over 1,500 games (including unplayed placeholders) worth of baseball history. World Series: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714359742781 ALCS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714770596238 ALDS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714957378537 NLCS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714544987493 NLDS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714616458243 Wild Card Games: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157174226@N06/albums/72157714957039358 A few notes so I don't get asked about these: - 100% graphical fidelity was never my intention. There are plenty of small issues with the colors, outlines, etc., but all I really wanted to do was basically say "Hey, here's what Team X wore for this game," and you can fill in the rest with your uniform knowledge. - Even so, I admit that maybe the best-of-seven designs are a bit small. I can upload them to somewhere other than Flickr if you want better quality. - I created the game matchups in OpenOffice Drawing and assembled them into the game grids in Autodesk Sketchbook. A lot of the problems here stem from copying things into Sketchbook. - I'm 99.9% certain about the hat/jersey/pants combination for each game (socks might be kinda eh), but things like incorrect game numbers and little errors may still be out there. If you notice anything afoot, let me know. - The front numbers for every team are from their WAR leader for that season (per Baseball Reference). If a team has two different front numbers for the same year, tell me and I'll fix it. - If anyone wants to make a better version with their own, higher quality template, you are more than welcome to do so. You can use my designs as a reference for the game-by-game matchups.
  10. Other teams are going to walk all over these...ha, ha... In all seriousness: Awful. Just awful.
  11. Did they? Shows how much attention I pay to pants. Royal-and-yellowify their regular set, make some tweaks, and you're done. I'm split between the current "M" logo and the BiG, though. Put the BiG on the sleeve and keep the M on the hat.
  12. I'm probably not the first to see this, but has anyone else noticed that the Brewers are wearing stripeless pants with their blue alts?
  13. I miss these gold lids something awful. Get the one-helmet rule changed, ASAP.
  14. I'm glad to see this. I have an off-and-on CFL fixation, so it's good to see it getting some love around here. Keep up the good work!
  15. Has anyone else noticed that Louisiana Tech is using the old Atlanta Hawks font for their front wordmark/NOBs?
  16. Not 100% on board, but they're better than the black butts. Hopefully, this doesn't lead to them deciding to bring back the gold pants...
  17. If this is the best of what Nike's creativity department has, then maybe we're finally scraping the bottom of the barrel. Grade: bleh.
  18. ...How is this not a parody? Honestly, they aren't that bad, but...seriously?
  19. Yay! Nike did something righ- (sees black panel) Never mind. In all seriousness, though, that's the only thing holding this set back.
  20. I get what you're saying. I had to do something simple, so I just put in the eyes. If you've got any better ideas, feel free to let me know. Very grateful for the feedback! I'll make some changes. Thank you for pointing these things out. I don't particularly care for silver, but three shades of purple with only white as another color is a little overkill. I'll mull it over. *wordmark (sorry, my grammar freak brain had to point that out. )
  21. So I was idly watching a The Basketball Tournament game earlier when it occurred to me that, though many universities had alumni teams in the tournament, Kansas State (my favorite U) did not. So, here's what a hypothetical KSU TBT team should wear! (Sorry about the crudeness of the logo. I only know how to use very basic programs.) Feedback greatly appreciated!
  22. Well...at least they're tolerable. I am surprised that, after all the talk about black, it's only on the home collar (and obvious alt). On the other hand, Virginia Tech and Iowa State have both moved away from UCLA stripes, so maybe this is a (disappoining) trend...
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