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  1. Yay! Somehow, I missed the American East. Complaints/comments: ECU feels eight years old. Find something different to do with the "piping", for lack of a better word. USF...too garish. Gold instead of yellow would be fine. Why is UCF's home jersey gold? Dunno how I feel about Memphis's color scheme, although the uniforms themselves are fine (except the silver numbers on the roadie). Navy: Just say no to multicolor helmets and drop shadow. I quite like Tulsa, except for the italicized numbers. Seems too out of place. Kudos for achieving the rare feat of making white, blue, gold and red meld together. It's a source of constant irritation to me.
  2. Huh, I vaguely remember that...CHRIS FIX YOUR WEBSITE
  3. MIN: Just drop the black and you're done. NEB: The black alt is hideous. And the "Huskers" script on the home uniform is too invasive. Squeeze it down or try something different.
  4. These are good, but I've got problems with Stony Brook. I'm just not feeling the red/silver/white look. Blue helmets/pants would be welcome.
  5. Wait, but on those era uniforms, the "uck" was smaller than the "B" and "S". And is it just the lighting, or is the outline around the wordmark a lighter greenish-yellow than the number?
  6. That's kind of like "We want piping, but we only have three minutes to make a mockup." Mine:
  7. Those folds don't seem realistic at all.
  8. Is the "smudging" on the shorts striping intentional? Other than that, the only other complaint is that I don't like the black trim on the alt.
  9. MD: Like the general direction, but I would have incorporated the flag into the waistband. MICH: No complaints.
  10. DURANT IS A TRAITOR That is a very good-looking Westbrook banner, though.
  11. Not trying to insult you, but it looks like a baby. It needs bigger eyes.
  12. To each their own. But in yours truly's humble opinion...blech. More feedback: VT: Like everything except the giant "TECH" and the Phillies number font. WF: Love it. Two thumbs up. ILL: The wordmark on the white jersey is too weird. And the orange isn't a particularly pleasing color, but I guess you go with what you've got. IND: Brilliant. The trim might be just a bit too invasive, though. IOWA: Meh. Not big on white-on-yellow or the side striping. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Either go with green or royal, but not both.
  14. Apologies if I've offended anyone. I offer mostly negative feedback because I'm that guy. Speaking of feedback... Virginia looks good, but the home jersey could use a little more orange.
  15. That Raiders logo is honestly one of the best concept logos I've ever seen. Great work.
  16. NCST: Very plain. Almost TOO plain... NC: I don't like team nicknames on road jerseys. Also, drop the black alt. Michael Jordan never needed a black uniform. ND: Love it, but the road jersey should match the other two. I especially like the usage of the interlocking lines on the ND. PITT: A fan, but the side striping might be either too big or too cluttered on a real jersey. SYR: Excuse me for a moment while I barf over the numbers. Other than that, these could use some collar/armhole trim.
  17. Huh, interesting direction. Put a red mask on the helmet and we're talking.
  18. Eh...can't get on board with the striping. But at least someone else likes the black/white Nets.
  19. Why does only one jersey say "Celtics"? Also, I doubt that "special" jerseys would be allowed if they aren't one of the two alts. Replace the black with the St. Paddy's and we're talking.
  20. Knew I was missing something. I apologize for being socially inept. Right on the money. I hate when authority figures are the only people who like something (see Spanos, Dean).
  21. (I think I'm missing something here...) I'm not insulting you, I'm insulting the stupid UNIFORM. And NIKE. And the NBA.
  22. Replace the black jersey with blue, and there aren't really any other changes that could be made without kind of melting and distorting the original idea. But it isn't terrible.
  23. Black on black coupled with that stupid gradient...exactly what a teenager would call "hip" and "cool". I say: UGLY.
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