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  1. ESPN discovering the wonders of players in the wrong uniform: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21891345/james-harrison-latest-pro-athlete-shock-fans-jersey-change Honestly, I'd forgotten about Smith playing for the Cardinals, despite the fact that I'm a Cards fan and vaguely remember learning about it months ago.
  2. Wait...it's beveled? I didn't know that. The enemy (beveling) of my enemy (same-color letters/numbers) is not necessarily my friend.
  3. Bleh, don't like the waist striping. Squeeze the numbers together a little, they're too fat. Squish the NOB down, too. But good base to work from.
  4. Join the club. Liking Delaware, but the font seems just a little too angular. But good job.
  5. I'm like the only person who likes it. But just say NO to same-color numbers. And if you're only going to dot one i with a basketball, what's the point?
  6. These will go fast...to the incinerator.
  7. Not terrific, but not terrible, either. The white with royal accents is the best.
  8. FSU: The feathers are WAY too big. Also, I don't think the shorts match up with the jersey. Tech: Agree with @ATolly66 regarding the front numbers. The front wordmark/number combo is pushed way too far up the jersey. Also, ditch the same-color lettering on the blue jersey and, if you're going to make the shorts stripes stop partway up, make the jersey stripes stop partway down. L-ville: Don't like the wing pattern. Also, the NOB font looks a little cramped. Despite these issues and the crudeness of the designs, they're still nice. Keep it up, I'm enjoying it.
  9. Nice, if albeit very crude. My complaints: Drop the black alt for Duke. I need a barf bucket. (for BC) MAKE THE JERSEYS MATCH AAAAAHHH Clemson looks good, no complaints here. The back numbers on all jerseys (especially Clemson) are pushed way too far up the shoulders.
  10. Monmouth: Lookin' good. The pants stripe is just a little strange, though. North Bama: Love the color scheme. Normally, I don't like shoulder yokes, but they work well here. Nice job.
  11. Not bad, but what's with the random bits of gray striping for LA? Also, how many other teams won't have white jerseys?
  12. All thumbs up now. Hampton and Kennesaw look very good, but I'm just not feeling it for GW.
  13. The blue one was okay, although I still hate the "gradient". This is A-W-F-U-L. And we STILL haven't had an alt with all four team colors (white, orange, blue, navy), not counting the logo on the old sleeved and orange designs.
  14. These are all good, but Charleston is my favorite. That is, if you drop the stupid triple-tone helmet. No, no, and no.
  15. It kinda reminds me of this:
  16. The TATC promotion was to 2021, so I wonder if they'll make a reappearance... (probably not and I hope not)
  17. Easily the biggest tragedy of the one-helmet purge. Other ones I'd like to see again would be the Cowboys and the Redskins' faux-leather helmet, if only to end the stupid "ah, let's just take off the stripes and give it a grey facemask and go with it".
  18. I'm an incredible consistency freak, which is another reason why I hate alternate uniforms with inexplicable chrome, gray, or black accents.
  19. Womp womp, Memphis. Faaaaail. G'point.
  20. Just one question: Why black masks for Mississippi State? There's no black elsewhere on either uniform.
  21. Completely ignoring the significance behind it for a second, the wordmark looks like they stole it off of a coffee shop. You're completely correct about it being too obscure a reference. I didn't know anything about any sanitation workers' strike until the explanation for these came out.
  22. More good work, but I think Army should use the sleeve stripes on their pants. All thumbs up.
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