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  1. Won't somebody think of the billionaire owners?
  2. People didn't believe us when we said the greed wouldn't stop with helmet ads. "Slippery slope" they said
  3. To be fair, I think he mostly went for the ads most commonly seen at the Bell Centre. Pretty spot on
  4. I dunno buddy, I don't think those two players/situations are comparable at all so let's just respectfully agree to disagree. Too many factors involved, it's all very subjective
  5. I know all of that. I know they wanna make as much money as possible (which is the definition of greed, by the way). I'm sorry you had to type all of that for no reason. We're not even disagreeing on that, all I'm saying is I don't have to like it even if I have no choice but to accept it TLDR version: The owners are being greedy, deal with it
  6. What does this have to do with anything? Felt like throwing in your 2 cents? Pretty sure they didn't even lose money, they just went back to 2007 levels of profits lmao. Greed, man. It knows no bounds Quiet, SOCIALIST!
  7. He was a big part of the Battle of Ontario in the early 2000s as a Senator. Maybe you're too young to remember? Either way, he played 8 (EIGHT) seasons with those two teams and he has always been the tallest player in the NHL so it's not like he was a complete unknown on those teams, and by the time he got to Ottawa he was a very solid D-man. He doesn't really belong in this thread, sorry.
  8. You're the only one doing that. It feels condescending, as if you want your posts to stand out from the others because your opinion is better than everyone else's. For what it's worth, I liked the black gear because it was a quirk. Like Boston's yellow socks, NYR's lettering instead of a logo, the Blackhawks using about 30 colors in their logo while the jerseys are red, white and black only or any team that uses mismatching home and away jerseys. It was part of the charm and like it or not, black has always been part of their colour scheme
  9. Still typing in this very condescending way, I see. Underlining words doesn't make what you say any more true, you know? That's just your opinion anyway. I think the black gear looked fine And no one is confusing the Habs for the Capitals either. They stood out better with the black gear imo
  10. I'm a gear near first and foremost, the black gear was boring but the contrasting cuff roll trend is getting played out
  11. No, really? I could have sworn those were the new jerseys
  12. True. But there are too many red, white and blue teams. Colorado were the only red, white, blue and black team
  13. I'm only seeing grey and black jerseys in the picture I quoted. Lightning colours
  14. Nice, they look like the Lightning now. There was nothing wrong with the black gear
  15. You're absolutely right. Not sure why I thought you guys were talking about the Pens. My bad lol
  16. Have the black helmets been confirmed by the Penguins, or are we going by what EA has shown? Cause EA regularly messed things up, they can't be considered reliable for those kinda things. Either way, Pittsburgh could just wear their white helmets for that one game, I see this as a non-issue Or you know, white
  17. Nice numbers, but you're cherry picking. Yeah they went down a bit after growing exponentially for the last 15-20 years. The Panthers and other teams in non traditional markets have never made any money. This is nothing new. The owners still make money with the rink itself Not this year, of course, since there are no concerts. Again, $15M in helmets ads is chump change in the grand scheme of things. It's just unnecessary, there were enough ads already. To keep this uniform related, I'd be curious to know how much money the league has made with the Reverse Retro jersey sales
  18. Alright, I'm a socialist because I don't like blatant greed. Good one. Based on assumptions like that, what does that make you? Yes, they do have a bottomless pit of money, they're literally billionaires, are you trying to make me feel bad that everybody right now is struggling but we should excuse greed from the people who are by far the least likely to suffer monetarily from the pandemic? Revenues have been increasing every year for what, 2 decades now? Have you already forgotten about the 2 expansion team fees? ($500M for Vegas and now $650M for Seattle). No amount of mental gymnastics on your part will make me believe the owners aren't just being greedy, cause they are. Objectively. They added new ads on the boards and behind the nets in the last few years and now they're thinking about adding a strip of ads on the glass around the rink. They could have used the tarps that cover the empty seats to display more ugly ads, but no, they had to use the player helmets. They keep making record profits, I don't feel bad for them. About the ads on this forum, again, apples to oranges, why am I not surprised? Chris isn't a billionaire, he's just trying to keep this free-to-use place alive
  19. All the people who support ads on helmets can do is compare apple to oranges, it seems
  20. I don't get it. Basically they're just saying the already existing ads on the boards will now be controlled by the NHL instead of the home team?
  21. Yeah it doesn't look like light royal/steel blue, but I think that's because of an Instagram filter. The colors and lighting seem a bit off. I'm already not liking the decision to go with blue gear but if it doesn't even match the blue on the jersey it's gonna go from lateral move at best to an unambiguous downgrade