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  1. Hot take warning: The Oilers need to completely change their logos and colors. If not for the 80s dynasty and Gretzky, we'd be seeing their logo and colors for what they are, an extremely dated product of the 70s that has aged horribly. I think going with navy is a step in the right direction at least. We need to take off the nostalgia goggles, going retro sometimes work when the team got it right the first time but imo, the Oilers don't apply. They were onto something in the 90s with the oil worker shoulder patch and copper as a secondary color, not quite it, but it was something. The McFarlane thirds were also onto something, that logo was better than the dated roundel with the disco font and silver and navy is a good color combo that's not used much in the NHL
  2. I know at some point in the late 00s-early 10s, the Canadiens' royal blue helmets were a shade or two lighter than the royal blue used by other teams, if that's still the case, Bauer should have just shipped Habs helmets to the Avalanche. Would have been closer to steel blue than what they have now
  3. Wasn't it only CCM though? I remember the Cooper helmets looking just fine Wrong. Objectively, it would look worse. Black has always been a trim color at the very least on Avs jerseys, there's not even a stitch of navy blue on any of their home and away jerseys
  4. FTFY. Red isn't as noticeable as other colors but if you had a red CCM helmet in one hand and a red Bauer helmet in the other, you could tell it's slightly different. Bauer's shade of white has always been a bit more dull. Their navy is darker. Green has a lighter and more saturated, etc. It's no big deal most of the time no one would notice. Maybe the second batch of steel blue Bauer helmets will be less royal
  5. Can't remember where I read that and it could have possibly just been a lie lol, but I recall reading that the black gear was supposed to be temporary. They probably figured, what the hell black gear doesn't look that bad, let's keep it
  6. Ha. I knew it. Looks like regular royal blue. Oh well. The blue gear doesn't look objectively bad or anything, but it doesn't feel like I'm watching the Avalanche yet. It might take a while until I get used to it. They look good, but it almost has a 3rd jersey feel to it. No sure how to put that into words, hope that makes sense
  7. Don't hold your breath. Maybe they only meant the patch. I can't remember the exact wording but that press release was vague and confusing at best, some people even thought they were gonna wear blue helmets with the away jerseys at some point
  8. The Habs are wearing theirs against Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Edmonton twice. Edmonton is the only team that has a white RR, so maybe they also wear theirs in one of those two games. I'm guessing the new divisions have foiled the plan for teams to wear their RRs against each other, if there was one to begin with
  9. That clears it, thanks. Not sure whey they kept the red numbers from the old set. Looks cheap
  10. I have no idea lmao. Maybe they figured it was cheaper in the long run? I'm not an equipment manager, I have no idea how any of this works
  11. Yeah I think you're right. It was kinda hard to tell on my phone. In my defense, the black outline looks t h i c c
  12. That doesn't really make sense. The shortage would have lasted two full seasons? Now that I think about it, the black gear coincided with the release of the 3rd and 4th jerseys. Maybe it was a way to save a little bit on equipment costs? Basic black gear is probably cheaper than fully custom gear nobody else used in the league. Maybe they didn't like what the alternate jerseys looked like with eggplant gear? I've always disliked white socks that were colored all the way down to the ankle for some reason, so I actually prefer those to their regular ones. That's another interesting discussion imo, the Mighty Ducks and Panthers were the first teams to do that in 93. It had never been down before, so even if those uniforms don't seem all that wild by modern standards, they were actually very unusual in the early 90s Wow, yes indeed. It was long overdue. The one thing that bothers me is that the numbers on the white helmets are red in the front and black in the back. Why? lol
  13. I'm not surprised you didn't know. Most people don't remember that. Whenever a picture of Kariya as a Mighty Duck is used, it's usually from the 2003 Finals. Those sets were very underrated imo. Especially with those socks and the eggplant gear. The jade version was alright but the white one looks great. I would be cool to find a press release or insider info on why they went with 4 jerseys for a while. Were they inspired by the Rangers, who did the Lady Liberty 3rd in white as well? Did they originally plan on switching to those full time but changed their mind at the last minute? I heard that they switched to black gear because of the helmets but that was a long time ago so I can't remember any details. It was on ModSquadHockey, there's a guy who posts there who used to be an equipment manager for the Stars or something like that so he often had very interesting anecdotes
  14. The helmet kinda looks royal blue to me, but for some reason, it seems to be very hard for helmets to match colors. More so than gloves and pants. If I'm not mistaken, that's why the Mighty Ducks switched to black gear for two seasons in the late 90s. They were getting annoyed that helmet manufacturers couldn't get the eggplant right. Not that it was ever really fixed lol Smart! I like that
  15. THIS is where they should have put their ugly ads
  16. The original uniforms RR'd in black or maybe even gray would have looked cool
  17. Yeah exactly. I don't mind a 3rd or even 4th jersey as long as it doesn't dilute the team's identity too much. IMO the Heat get a pass cause the Miami Vice jerseys and colors are better than their regular jerseys
  18. True. I don't want 5 or 6 jerseys per team but 3 or 4 if the 4th one is worn only once or twice a year (like Carolina or NJ) is fine imo. What I dislike about NBA uniforms is when they have short sleeves or when the colors are so different they look like a different team, except for the Miami Vice jerseys, I really like those for some reason. So unless NHL teams start experimenting with short sleeves, I think it's all good lol
  19. I feel like the RR program as a whole has been a huge success and I'm sure a lot of teams are gonna bring back theirs for next year as well, possibly even as full time alternates. Unless the NHL wants team to try another league-wide concept, or maybe another round of RR
  20. Rangers and Capitals. Flames to a lesser extent. Golden Knights, Islanders and Predators have contrasting cuff roll and fingers. Every other team has either solid colored gloves or just a contrasting cuff roll. I agree, it's super boring. Chicago could bring back those gloves from the 60s-90s
  21. Mixing and matching could be cool. Burgundy pants and gloves would look better than blue with the away jerseys. Probably not gonna happen though
  22. The gloves were boring. It's kinda become a new trend for gloves to be boring in general, except for Vegas pretty much I know, I'm just wondering why the Avs are the only ones doing it
  23. You can't trust EA with uniforms. This isn't new. And if you consider the gloves part of the uniform like I do, they regularly get those wrong as well. Didn't they show the Preds RR uniforms with navy helmets too? Anaheim wearing colored socks makes no sense, pretty sure they also got that wrong