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  1. Nike will outfit NY/NJ and LA this year, then they're done. The teams are scrimmaging at the moment. So they either wear their training kits or last years uniforms.
  2. I would have prefered a look similar to the 80's as far as the pants are concerned. But it is an improvement over last year's design.
  3. Hopefully that uniform will look better when the white jersey is worn with it.
  4. It is. All the teams wear the same uni over there. Kinda reminds me of the NBDL, exccept with actual team logos
  5. Apparently the Pro Bowl logo is located on the back of the jersey below the numbers as well. Saw a picture on cbs.sportsline.com in the NFL section.
  6. They came up with a lame logo, and the league is in it's "lame duck" year? Sorry but I don't know too many cowboys in Europe. I don't think too many folks outside the U.S. would think of the last game of the year as a duel in the desert. Yes it's American football but you'd think they'd look to the host city for inspiration like the towers of Old Wembley for World Bowl I. If they still had the rule of awarding the game to the first half champ I could see the use of such a generic logo.
  7. English actually, though speaking Spanish does help
  8. They'll probably get released next year then
  9. The cruxt of the problem seems to be similar to what we see here in south Texas. folks figure that if they aren't speaking the local language that they are outsiders and especially in places like southern Spain, Holland, and parts of France, illegally entering the country. Unfortunately it's tossed on the entire population group. Of course a British comedy show made light of it when a white gentleman tried to tell a group of Indians that they couldn't become members. Finally he blurts out, "We don't allow Paki's!", to which the gentleman say, that's our kind of club!. Quite sad that it got a giggle. France is less racist and more socialist. The government has basically taken the role of cutting out all religion, even Catholicism, out of public life. I was disappointed with what happened in Spain. I spent a month in Barcelona and found the people there to be a lot more sociable then in most of the U.S.
  10. I'd change the number font to match the basketball uniforms and shoulder numbers should match the front/back numbers.
  11. I prefer the rotating between leagues over sending it just to the new stadiums. If a team has to wait an extra 2 years? Big deal, most folks will still say "Wow! that's a neat new ballpark"! Don't forget the Nats will be opening a new stadium in 3 years as well.
  12. Man U and Arsenal did a similar stance last week at Highbury. They both wore a "Stand Up/Speak Up" logo that was sponsored by Nike. It was hard match but it waasn't because of their color, it was because of the crest on the front of the jersey. Which is how it should be. The FA (England) has done a lot to stop incidents like the ones(Madrid fans insulted several black players on Barca the same week as the England match) from happening and have gone as far as banning some fans for 5 years from attending games.
  13. Apparently this is a sign the NFL plans to kill the league and bring it back to the States. The owners want a "minor" league to build experience but apparently this is the sign they want it here where they can control costs(travel, hotel, etc.) more effectively. I think they forgot that except for Birmingham and a couple of small market teams, the league didn't catch on well here in the U.S..
  14. I think the tournament was closed to Americans until recently, like last 7-8 years. And then, the U.S. squad is restricted to the city hosting the Super Bowl.
  15. Another interesting fact, all teams that won the Super Bowl . . . beat a team in the Super Bowl
  16. The NFL Europe League has released the logo for World Bowl XIII. Looks like the old Texas Rangers star with Tropicana font "World Bowl XIII" centered on it. www.nfleurope.com
  17. They'll probably be on the authentics, not really necessary though. we know they're making them.
  18. My old high school has about four different jerseys and pant sets to choose from.
  19. I would throw the logo on the sleeves or slide the numbers down. I'm not a fan of empty sleeves.
  20. I like the Eagles uni's, missing a grey set though. LOL.
  21. Looks more like a revamped logo for the All Star cafe
  22. it's possible that any jerseys made in the early 1900's would have sashes running in opposite directions. Heck, NFL jerseys weren't really standardized until the early 80's. I was watching old Miami footage where some guys had tackle twill and others had screened numbers. Different numbers of stripes as well on some of the guys. And these weren't cut off sleeves either.
  23. If they are winning in them, teams don't like to toss then aside. i.e. 49ers in 1994.