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  1. Even if Price waives his NMC in order to be exposed, I can't imagine Seattle would be wanting to take on his contract without some extra incentives from Montreal.
  2. The Bronze Knights would probably be the ECHL team.
  3. That would be the worst timeline.
  4. The Seattle 32nds would get my vote for a generic team name.
  5. Ya, they greyscale their social media every time they wear those jerseys. Honestly, there's nothing really to see here in terms of jerseys. They're just releasing some new merch.
  6. Well, my opinion is that your opinion is wrong.
  7. Don't worry, I'm right there with you.
  8. I believe we're suppose to be getting the name right around the All Star Game.
  9. That whole chrome logo thing was NHL-wide for that season's set of Stadium Series games. Thankfully it wasn't just the Blackhawks making that design decision.
  10. Oh hey, look, the Blackhawks are finally playing their second game of the season. Such a weird start to the schedule due to the trip overseas. It's like they're basically starting the season over again.
  11. As @the admiral already pointed out, there's no way Foley gets fired over that. If you've watched a Hawks game, you'll know that Pat (and Eddie) make dumb jokes all the time and all in good fun. Obviously, this one was a bit insensitive and it's good that he apologized but it doesn't need to be made into anything more than that. Best for all parties to just move on. Now, if he continues to make similar insensitive jokes, then that's a different story and the proper consequences will have to happen at that time.
  12. Not really liking the Brewers' chances tonight but I also didn't like their chances after Yelich went down. Either way, I don't think either of these teams will beat the Dodgers in the NLDS.
  13. First time since 1981 / 82 that the Brew Crew has made the postseason in back to back years. If they can win out and the Cards falter, perhaps it'll be back-to-back division championships too. That would be pretty neat.
  14. Not really feeling the Hawks overall. Third jersey looks good though.