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Division 1 (FBS and FCS) Redesigns and Tweaks (Feedback Needed) (AAC Part 1)


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Yeah you heard it right!!!! Alright so this thread was only suppose to be a Sun Belt only redesign but after a lot of thinking I've decided to do a "COMPLETE" Division 1 (so FBS and FCS) redesign, now I know its gonna be a lot of work but I dont have to much going on until the spring (I play baseball for my high school) so im pretty sure I'll be able to finish this before that, in fact I'll probably finish this before the new year so if you decide to stick a round that would be great :)


-There will be no Russell Uniforms only Nike, Adidas, Under Armour (sorry if you like Russell im not a fan of them)

-And please comment I will read everything thing on here so tell me if something doesn't look right because I will edit my work

So here are all the Conferences that I will be redesigning right now.

American Athletic Conference (FBS)

Atlantic Coast Conference (FBS)

Big 12 (FBS)

Big Sky (FCS)

Big South (FCS)

Big Ten (FBS)

Colonial Athletic Association (FCS)

Conference USA (FBS)

FBS Independent (FBS)

FCS Independent (FCS)

Ivy League (FCS)

Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (FCS)

Mid American Conference (FBS)

Missouri Valley Conference (FCS)

Mountain West Conference (FBS)

Northeast Conference (FCS)

Ohio Valley Conference (FCS)

Pac 12 (FBS)

Patriot League Conference (FCS)

Pioneer (FCS)


Southern Conference (FCS)

Southland Conference (FCS)

Sun Belt Conference (FBS)

Southwestern Athletic Conference (FCS)

Conferences Done (Or almost finishing)

Sun Belt


American Athletic



East Carolina/Nike


Sun Belt

Appalachian State/Nike

Arkansas State/Adidas

Georgia Southern/Adidas

Georgia State/Nike


Louisiana-Lafayette/Under Armour (Yes i know they switched from Russell to Adidas but i wanted them for Under Armour)


New Mexico State/Adidas

South Alabama/Nike

Texas State/Adidas


*UPDATE* I've now added links so you can see the Unis more bigger and you can now see the Combos individually

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Alright so we are starting off with the FBS new comers Appalachian State


And here are all the other combinations with this uniform set




-Basically dumbed down there current uniform set

-Removed the colored shoulders and sleeves

-And I used there new "Yosef" logo and put it on there alternate yellow helmets

Up Next Arkansas State

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First I'd like to say how glad I am that you included all the different combinations. That's something you don't see done, and I love that you did it. I really like what you've done here, and it all looks really nice. The only nit-pick I have is to invert the colors of the "A" on the black pants to how it is on the black helmet so it's more visible. Other than that, great work, and I'll be following this closely.

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I love that you brought the white A back. Not crazy about the pants, but that's probably because I'm so used to seeing App with no stripes. It's not too different from what we wear now, so I'm a fan.

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I'm no fan of what App State broke out for this season, and I'd much prefer them to wear these. They aren't drastically different from what they've worn in the past, but when I think App State, this is what more or less comes to mind. Also like the list of combination like mentioned before.

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Alright so i took some suggestions and here's what I got



All I changed was the Pants logo instead of the Black A logo i decided to swap it with the Yosef logo and I made an outline on the logo to see it better on the colored pants.

And I made the pictures alittle bigger

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Up next Arkansas State




And here are the combinations for all uniforms and pants





So Arkansas State already had an alright uniform set either though there wasn't anything really special but I added a few things.

-Instead of there "State" logo on there helmet I decided to switch that with there Red Wolves logo which they rarely use and its a pretty sweat logo

-I brought back the Claw Scratches and instead of putting them on the sleeves i put them on the shoulder and kept the numbers on the sleeve

-I also changed the "State" script from the chest of the uniform and I changed it to "Red Wolves"

-And finally I added Gray Pants to there rotation to make a monochromatic Gray uniforms

Up Next Georgia Southern

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App State alum/grad student here.

I'm really digging what you did with these. This board hated that we went back to our old Yosef logo, but I'm a huge fan of it. I think the alternates you made with that logo look freakin' awesome. The standard home and aways also look good, as I'm a fan of simplicity.

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On to the next one....Georgia Southern another new-comer to the FBS






Nation Guard Alternate Home


National Guard Alternate Away


And the Combos as always

-Decided to throw on some more stripes onto there uniforms like on the shoulders and there pants, they looked to much like Alabama

-National Guard Alternates based off there "Georgia National Guard" uniforms from a few years back but didnt make them that flashy

-Added White helmets into there uniforms for there home uniforms

-Also for a small note I also added Gold into there Sun Belt Conference logo

Someone told me to put more work into my designs because they were a little boring, well don't worry the first 3 teams on this list i was going with more standard uniforms but there will be more of a modern look in my next few post.

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Cool look for Georgia Southern, especially with the National Guard alternates. But I also wanna see the following combos based on this formula (helmet-jersey-pants):navy-navy-navy; white-navy-navy; navy-white-navy; white-white-navy; NGnavy-NGnavy-NGnavy; NGnavy-NGwhite-NGnavy.

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Alright so here's an update on the Georgia Southern Unis....

First off here's an update on the "National Guard" Alternates



-Added US Flag and the Georgia National Guard logos on the Sleeves

-Also made National Guard Pants to match the Helmet and Undershirt

And finally I added Blue Pants into the Alternate rotation





The Blue Pants are suppose to be used as an alternate

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Much better! Plus, cool look on the National Guard pants too. Now the N.G. uniform sets look powerful. So which Sun Belt team is next in line? Looking forward to see them. Keep it up!

Georgia State is coming in a bit just finishing them up, and thanks :D

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Georgia State






Alternate Black


Home Combos


Away Combos


Alternate Combos

There new uniforms aren't that bad but i thought they could be a little more bold and or "out there" with there design instead of being basic

-I added Colored Sleeves and I also added Claw marks on the Sleeves to give them a bold look

-Got rid of the (if you ask me) weird looking "GSU" logo (GSU is Georgia Southern) on the helmet and put on there pretty cool looking "Panthers" wordmark

-Gave them a Gradient Black/Blue Helmet to go with there Black Alternates

*UPDATE* I've also now have updated the page a little so now on the main post I've added links to see the jerseys bigger and to see all the Combos with bigger images.

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