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Oregon Ducks Alternate Logo Concept (V.3 option, C&C needed)


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The original was the best version imo. That U is the U from Oregon's font. Being a UO student, that version clicked for me immediately and I automatically thought of my school. It looks really nice in two colors.

Love the first one think it gets worse each time

I agree. I think it's separated enough from Miami's logo. I was just used the C&C I was getting.

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I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I see a "d" at the intersection between the U and O. Maybe you could define the "d" a little more to create an effect similar to the San Diego Padres "SD" monogram.

No, it wasn't intentional. I was trying to make a modern version of the classic "UO" logo, and since there was no D in that one, I won't try to make one more visible in this one.

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