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Florida Marlins-style "Miami" Script


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This is a concept I did for a "Miami" wordmark in the style of the original Florida Marlins brand. All the characters in the logo, as well as the underline, are taken directly from the "Marlins" wordmark. I made two versions: one on the standard gray background, and one on a teal background.



Comments and criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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Nice execution, but somthing about that tail coming off of the I looks odd. An "S" looks good with a tail,, but what about making the I end flush with the 2nd M and having the line underline the whole word seperate of the wordmark.

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Thanks for all the kind comments. AstroBull21, I tried it out with the separate underline, but in the end I thought the version connected to the second I looked way better. GoNordiques, I took your advice and made a couple new concepts. The reason for the variation in the letter connections is simply that that's the way it is in the original "Marlins" mark that I'm trying to mimic. Regardless, I did do a version with a connecting a and m.

I would love to put some full uniform concepts together, but I don't own a copy of Photoshop. If Adobe would ever offer another free trial, I'd hop on the chance to make them. Right now I'm using Inkscape, a free program, to make my logos.

Here are the updated marks.



The only difference is the connection between the a and m. I tried to clean up the curve of the letters.

Here's the old "Marlins" wordmark for reference.


Edit: One more with everything but the second I connecting.


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Nailed it! Now can you do the black, over-outlined version from 2003-2011?

Sure. Personally, I prefer a teal script with a single black outline, but here's a hastily-done concept of what my "Miami" script would look like in the style of the 2003-2011 uniforms.


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This looks awesome! If you wanted to take it a step further, it might be cool to incorporate the Marlin fin texture in the underline. Try to make it look like the fin somehow... Might only work on the teal logo though. Just a thought.

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