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Canadian City Flag Soccer Uniforms

Supernova Concepts

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I've been lurking the boards for a while, but I decided to join today and share some of my work. I wanted to take the flags of cities, and use the colours in soccer kits (somewhat inspired by Ilfhockey's NFL Flag concepts. The colours are used in the home and away, then the third is any colour I felt like using. So first up:



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It looks good but some things...

What's the crest?

And please use a different number font, that's too bold and big for a soccer kit. Conrads got plenty to choose from.

Interested to see what's coming up...

OK, thanks. I forget to say that the flag is the crest, and i won't be putting it on the jerseys.

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You're not off to a bad start. I'll give you some pointers:

Some soccer national teams do not have a crest, and so they would literally place their flag as the badge instead. You must have a badge and so either you make one or simply put the flag on top of the heart, it's important to have a connection to the team, and a badge is a part of it.

Secondly the sizing of the logos, the Nike logo should just be scaled a bit down, compared to the sponsor. Bank of Montreal looks too small.

For the back, the number and name should always have the same font for consistency. Lower the name just a bit and bring the number a bit closer too. I don't know if it's the font but the number looks too narrow, in contrast to the jersey.

Finally on the away it would be nice to see a blue or red Nike logo, and the third to be orange on the jersey and that settle yellow on the shorts. Also make the number and player names to be the same colour.

Fix those and you're off to a great start.

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Good start here, but I think you're missing a huge opportunity on Montreal to have a quartered kit with the symbols from the flag I think it would be perfect as an away kit

Is this what you were talking about, jmoe?


I like that youre not using shields as crests

Thanks. I thought it would be unique, and I completely suck at making crests.

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Here is the next one:


The Calgary flag only has two colours, red and white, and white is used in basically every flag, so I needed to add another colour. I know that the yellow I added now makes it look like a Flames-soccer crossover, but it I think it still works.


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I chose BMO for Toronto because they would most likely play at BMO field. And Air Canada's headquarters are located in Montreal, but if it bothers you guys, I can change it. And thanks for the feedback.

Ok, I'm not Canadian (or even close) I didn't know BMO Field is in Toronto. My bad. By the way, Ottawa is gorgeous!
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