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USA Baseball (WBC)


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Every year or two I think about how I would change the designs and uniforms for the USA National Baseball Team. The general idea I always have is that the team should look like one of the classic MLB teams like the Yankees, Tigers, and Dodgers. I don't want the team to look exactly the same, of course, but, well, let's have a look. Here's what I've got for a Home Uniform:


I decided to drop the "A" from the large monogram on the left chest. These chest-logo designs tend not to be highly detailed, and I thought a full "USA" would be a bit busy.

The cap logo, though, you can be a bit more ornate. I'm sure this'll drive some people nuts, but I think it's appropriate given the historical theme I'm going for.

Here's the road set:


Dodgers' red front number shows up here; I chose it as a tribute to the man who might be the 20th Century's most important athlete, Jackie Robinson. Red piping on this uniform flanked by white to emulate the flag. I went with the white outline on the country name and numbers to follow suit.

Cap Detail:


Home Chest Detail:


What do you think?

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These are some good looking threads, but what you said about only the US part of USA on the home dosen't sit right with me. I say this because the Chicago White Sox have SOX in a really ornate font on their uniforms. So, I'll let you decide, but if you want to keep the US thing, I'm cool with that. I would just like to see the full USA on the home.

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I think I'd rather drop the A from the cap than add it to the jersey. Here's what the Cap US looks like...



I was thinking an alternate might say "America" on it, or I would do a blue version of the home uni. What do you think would work better?

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America wouldn't work simply because to most Latin countries America includes the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. A blue jersey with USA or United States with its own hat design would work though.

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