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New York Diamonds

Ferdinand Cesarano

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About 35 years ago, my friends and I started a softball team called the New York Diamonds. We were never in a league; but we played pickup games every summer for the next seven to ten years. And we also had fun just practicing; it was more an excuse to hang out than it was a team.

Still, I designed a uniform. But we never produced this uniform; we had makeshift tee-shirts that didn't really resemble the uniforms that I had in mind.

Recently, for my friend's birthday, I had jerseys produced for him and for myself, and for three other guys on the team.

First, here is the style sheet:


And here we are wearing the finished product, with me on the left:


I had a hat made up for the birthday boy; there he is in the middle wearing it.

The one thing that you cannot see in that picture is the sleeve patch. I am so proud of the NY logo (which, as you can see, I use as my avatar), that I wanted it to appear on the jersey as well. So here is the version of it that is on the left sleeve:


Despite the criticism that the Dodgers get for having the cap logo on the sleeve, I think that this really looks good on the jersey. (And, as a bonus, it covers up the manufacturer's logo.)

It was a thrill to see those jerseys finally come to life, even if it was for what one of my friends called Old-Timers' Day.

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