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Player Designs - Taking Requests


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So with the break from school I have been pretty bored and needed something to occupy my time. I made this earlier and decided to show you guys and see what you think. I'd be willing to take requests as well from any team and sport. Also, let me know if you would like one for a specific device (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, etc.)


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Do I ask for a football player? Only college? Baseball? Basketball players? Can I ask for teams? Specific format to request? You're unclear what to ask for. And what's the story on the designs? It looks cool, but what is it?

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These are just edits that can be used for various things (wallpaper, lock screens, posters, etc. (be sure to mention what device or format you need). I also stated I would take requests for any team in any sport. So basically, I can edit any player you want.

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Can I have a

Isaiah Thomas, Celtics

Gronk, Patriots

David Ortiz, Red Sox

Bergeron, Bruins

Sergio Agüero, Man City

Any Navy FB player

Scottie Reynolds, Villanova BB

And just for fun, could you try a Bill Belichick one? Thanks! These are for android.

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First off I'm curious about what template you would use for each sport (which for football, which for Racing etc.)

Secondly awesome job on the Baylor one

Finally may I please have

Sharks, Quakes, SF Bulls (echl), Reno Aces, and Reno Bighorns for Android please

Ok knowing what I know now I'm gonna switch my request up.(my fault, my bad)





(On the black jersey one if you can try to convert the black jersey into the sharks 1995-96 jersey with the bull logo on it that would be great. If not fine)

For Android and or iPad.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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