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Rebrand: Iroquois Ridge Trailblazers (comments wanted)


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Hello CCSLC!

I'm here today with a rebrand of a high school, Iroqious Ridge. We are called the Trailblazers and other main moniker is a tree. Not much to go off of, yeah, I know. Our colours are dark navy, forest green, and white. Previously the team has worn some bright green apparel, but not regularly. Our current logo, and our only logo, is an IR wordmark seperated by a low-quality oak tree. Again, not too much inspiration. For the past 2 months, I have played around with this concept until it was complete. All of it is in the linked ISSUU publication. Primary, secondary, wordmark, and uniforms for the five major sports. I hope you enjoy. Any advice you have, let me hear it. You think it's not good, please say it! I want to hone my craft as much as I can. With out further ado...the IRHS rebrand.


Credit where credit is due;

Conrad for the fonts
Tim OBrien for the football template
TG for the hockey template
LEWJ for the basketball template
LEWJ for the baseball template
I'm not sure who created the soccer one, but it's fantastic so props to whoever it was.



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The secondary logos are rather boring and lazy, since it's just a font letter typed out. Also, I'm pretty sure it's spelled Iroquois lol

Yeah I caught that after. Can't believe I missed it.

And I don't think the secondary are lazy or boring, just simple. I appreciate the honestly, but I disagree with your opinion. It's not a bad opinion, though, I'm not trying to be rude.

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Your primary has issues. It's way too ornate for a high-school logo that's going to be used in a lot of different applications. The tree in the logo is tiny and is basically going to be lost in small-scale applications like embroidery. You need to work on kerning your text--in your primary, the T is spaced way out from the rest of the text. You can't just type the text--you need to check the kerning for each space to see if it all fits what you're trying to do.

Your secondary isn't working because of the typeface. It's supposed to be an IR, but because of the choice of typeface, it just looks like a black-letter capital R. This effect, along with your lack of attention to kerning, makes the wordmark look like ROQUOIS. (Or, as someone else has pointed out, ROQIOUS.) You say to ignore the misspelling, but when you're presenting your work to the public, you want to put your best foot forward.

I feel like you chose a typeface because it "looked cool" and not because it suited the various applications you're working with. Overall, creating a brand that can work across multiple sports, and harmonizing the competing demands each aesthetic entails, is an enormous challenge, especially if you're just starting out in sports branding.

When I look through the whole presentation, it just feels to me like you've bitten off more than you can chew right now. Start small and work your way up. You can work with some of what you've got right now, but focus on one sport. Then move on to the next. Learn the traditions and conventions of each sport and its uniforms. I also highly recommend studying a bit about typography. It will have a huge impact on your brands.

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I think you are off to a good start. Here are my suggestions

Main logo:

-looks too wide and fat. I think the logo should be made thinner, use a equal sized hexagon instead of a wide one.

- the tree is too close to the edge. I would have it half way between the middle and the edge

- due to the shape of the text, the 'R' at the top has an awkward bit of white space above it. Could you shape the top of the 'R' to fit the space?

Secondary logo:

I think this could do with offsetting the "R" down and to the right. Maybe work on the "I" so it's a little mire exciting than a rectangle


- I really like the bold green colour on the soccer away jersey. Would like to see that both colour blocking carried across all the road jerseys.

Finally when showcasing your work I would use a different font for the title text on your pages than what you've used for the branding/logos. At the moment it looks like you've found a font you like and gone crazy with it.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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