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H11K NFL Uniform Designs (Cardinals Updates 11/7)


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Hey guys, deciding to take a stab at the NFL after watching this years set of uniforms Im really sick of what the NFL has come up with for some of these teams. Many uniforms may be simplified a lot or some may just contain minor tweaks! Either way here is what I would like the NFL to do with Uniforms!



Before you get the pitchforks out, yes I replaced grey with white. I feel like it truly represents the colors of the Bird and Makes for a unique color scheme in the league. Everything about the current uniforms (aside from the logo) I trashed. Going with the single stripe on helmet and pants I believe the grey and red creates a simple yet effective and fierce uniform.





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I like some of the "Plain" part of the uniform. Traditionally the Cards have always been "No frills" The current uniform is a mess. And I also modified the uniform to a more traditional look. I would keep the white helmet and numerals. And like many people have said looks too much like (and I really dislike these words being from Michigan) Ohio State. I would use the grey as an alternate pants concept. Though black is a part of the Cardinals color pallet, the BFBS never really worked. It's a great start where your are at now.

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