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Baltimore Orioles


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The Baltimore Orioles have slowly been moving closer and closer to perfecting their uniform set, but they keep getting things wrong. The attempts they've made at updating their scripts are downright ugly, so I drew new scripts from scratch, heavily inspired by the scripts of Baltimore's retro jerseys. Gone is the muddled piping, replaced by single black piping. An updated full-bodied oriole logo makes an appearance on the sleeves and the alternate cap. Included are home, road, two alternate, and batting practice uniforms. The Sunday alternate is a sleeveless jersey. Throwback Thursdays feature the alternate cap with the regular white jerseys.








Also, this is a peek at the new baseball template I'm developing. Credit to @raysox on the socks.

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You took all the things the Orioles ever got right and blended them about as perfectly as you could hope. I can't think of any corrections to offer, and I wholeheartedly agree that this should take the field and never leave, ever.


Very, very well done!

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I like most of what you've done here (especially the new template, which I can't wait to take for a test spin). The scripts are rendered well (in that they still look hand-drawn, which is important for me), you kept the cartoon bird on the caps, and got rid of the Maryland flag patch. The striped socks are also nice, but I'd recommend using a pattern that is a bit more orange-centered (either through a northwestern stripe or the 1960's sock pattern). Well done!


However, I do have a few issues with the set. I'm not a fan of keeping the ornithologically-correct bird in the set. Having the two styles of birds really breeds a bit of a discord in the identity. I would recommend updating one of the "bat swinging" cartoon birds. I'd also use the current sleeve stripes (without placket piping), as I don't feel they look "muddled," but rather that they add a nice shot of color into the look. I guess that last part comes down to personal preference more than anything else. Still, great work.

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