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NHL Shield Redesign Concepts


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The current NHL shield, which the league introduced for the 2005-06 season, does its job decently, but in my view it has its share of issues. It's a bit cluttered. The "LNH" version doesn't look very natural.


There wasn't a lot wrong with the previous NHL shield either, and I used it as a base for my redesign of it. I did keep some things from the current shield, like its Stanley Cup silver color.




Here's an "LNH" version:




I also dabbled with some auxiliary symbols:








I also took care to ensure my shields didn't fall apart in one color:



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I actually really like this as a concept. I don't want to see the NHL go with the whole sleek modern theme, but the designs you've made here look pretty polished. I could actually kind of see that SCP logo happening in like 10 years or so. So while i wouldn't really wish for this kind of change to become a reality, your concept is pretty interesting and you did a great job with making it work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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