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ACAA Conference Logo


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Considering its by PDW, I'm not surprised that it has beveling, I am surprised that its not in City Bold font though.

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No because when the Irish came to Ireland and first came in contact with the leprechaun people, they didn't take their land away and force them to move west. Instead, the two groups learned to assimilate peacefully. However, certain tribes of the leprechaun refused to taint the pure blood and moved north into the forests of Ireland, only to be seen rarely, usually at the same time of a rainbows appearance and occasionally at the factories of Lucky Charms.

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Wow that Mills Cyclones logo is beyond terrible. MS Paint special, right there. I've seen better elementary school logos. 


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2 hours ago, stumpygremlin said:

Also the name of that conference is bad. It makes it sound like a competitor to the NCAA as a whole--a la the NAIA or USCAA.

It reminds me of the association in the movie Dodgeball. The ADAA (American Dodgeball Association of America).



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Thank you for sharing, I've been wondering if there would be a new conference logo.  Here's a better image of what the conference looks like from a current project of mine.  Mills is the lone school in California. 
FYI This conference somewhat replaces the recently defunct Great South Athletic Conference (GSAC) that fell apart in their later years.


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