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Silent's New Space-Saving Sports Signatures - All Sports Championships & "Where I Come From" (Inter Miami, Nashville SC, and Both XFL Added)

Silent Wind of Doom

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thanks for getting the stars in there. the logo is pretty complicated but i they were pretty important to me because i love competitors to the nfl and the stars were the only non-nfl team in philly. (also they were the best team in the OG usfl)

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2 hours ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:


@GrayJ12, the Rams just won and they're gone?   Hehehe.   Your fandom continues to be as hard to pin down as your screen name.

Thank you for the sig, as well as the subtle burn. 

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48 minutes ago, GrayJ12 said:

Thank you for the sig, as well as the subtle burn. 


Hehehe, it took me a little bit to figure things out because your signatures were named after two different past names, and most times you've come back things are being traded out like crazy.   🤣


4 minutes ago, bernie57 said:

Thanks man, but can you add TB12's championships as well (6 NE, 1 TB)?


Oops!   Sorry.   Somehow the Pats got lost in the shuffle.



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Hi Silent,

I'm not sure how to properly reply on this board, but the first group just needs NCAA BasketBall Tourney Runner-Up Trophies, and the second group is for schools that have had Heisman winners that I'm compiling. Any work you could do with it would be much appreciated. If something doesn't fit, then that's okay. Thanks again.

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Hi Silent, hope you're doing well. In my spare time, I've been creating franchise histories for each of the Big 4 sports leagues, and I've got quite a bit of it done, but there are a few I cannot get my hands on, and I figured you'd be the perfect person to help me with this. The following is what I am missing. If you have the time, I'd love to see what you can come up with. I really appreciate it, thank you.



’70, ’73 Bengals Division Title, ’75 Wild Card

’71 Washington (Commanders) Wild Card

’81, ’82, ’85, ’86, ’91 New York Jets Wild Card

2016 Miami Dolphins Wild Card

2020 Washington Football Team Division Title

2021 Rams Super Bowl with new horn logo


NBA Divisions:

Hornets, (I know they don’t have any, but could you create a graphic for them)







Also, the 1950 Indianapolis Olympians Western Division Championship

and 1950 Minneapolis Lakers Central Division Championship


2022 Warriors with updated Larry O’Brien Trophy



2007 Atlanta Thrashers Division

2012 Phoenix Coyotes Division

2022 Florida Panthers and Presidents’ Trophy

All Ottawa Senators Divisions and Presidents’ Trophy (Current Franchise, not original one from almost a century ago)

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huh. kinda feeling like getting one of these again.


New York Mets - World Series ('69, '86), NL pennants ('73, '00, '15), NL East titles ('88, '06)

New York Islanders - Stanley Cups ('80-'83), Prince of Wales Trophy ('84), division titles ('78, '79, '88)

New York Jets - Super Bowl III, division titles ('69, '98, '02)

New York Knicks - Larry O'Brien Trophies ('70, '73), Eastern Conference titles ('94, '99)

Syracuse Orange - football national title ('59), basketball national title ('03), football Big East titles ('96-'98), basketball Final Four appearances ('75, '87, '96, '13, '16), Hall of Fame Bowl ('91), Fiesta Bowl ('92), Gator Bowl ('95), Camping World Bowl ('18)

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers - baseball national title ('16), football conference titles ('04-'06, '10, '12-'14, '20), Cure Bowl ('21)

South Carolina Stingrays - Kelly Cups ('97, '01, '09)

Charleston RiverDogs - Carolina League/Low-A East title ('21)

Long Island Ducks - Atlantic League titles ('04, '12, '13, '19)

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Hi Silent, sorry to bug you one more time, but in addition to the NFL franchise histories I asked for, could you add the following:

1920 Akron Pros, 1921 Chicago Staleys, 1922-23 Canton Bulldogs, 1924 Cleveland Bulldogs, 1926 Frankfort Yellow Jackets &

1928 Providence Steamrollers.


I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

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Hi Silent! Are you able to update mine to include The Jayhawks 2022 NCAA Title? And the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies of the ECHL (2003 Kelly Cup)?  I worked for them when they won that title.

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Hi so I just stumbled upon this and was wondering if I could get one made

Boston Bruins-All Stanley Cups
New England Patriots-All Super Bowl Championships

Boston Celtics- All Championships

Boston Red Sox-All World Series Wins
Florida Panthers-If you could make something for us recently winning the presidents trophy that'd be cool if not you can leave them out
Charlotte Checker-Again If you could do something up for their 2019 Calder Cup win if not just leave them off

Thank you

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Oh!   Jeez!   For some reason just JohnnyCharger's thing notified me and I was busy and it didn't seem like an immediate need!   I missed all the rest of your requests!   Lemme get back to you!   Sorry.


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Did you ever update the “Where I come from…” sigs for the Cleveland Guardians, Washington Commanders, L.A. Chargers, and Las Vegas Raiders?

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