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Super Bowl Predictions


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I'd love to say my Chiefs...but i forbid myself from picking my teams.

AFC: Patriots

NFC: Seahawks

Seahwaks in upset.......I highly doubt this will happen. But right now it's my best guess.





Cardinals (Why not...they are due)

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Pats- AFC


I'll take the Pats for back to back champs.

no offense Shizznick, but i think that too obvious of a pick.

It's never the most likely teams that make it. I'd give you one of those two teams, but not both. There is always that "Surprise" team. But that is simply my opinion. You will probably prove me wrong. :D

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I really want it to be Ravens over Eagles.

Here is my real prediction though:

Green Bay over Colts

Philadelphia loses a 4th staight NFC Championship game.

I'd be happy with either one (other than the Colts making that far). Before the Ravens came to town I rooted for Green Bay (and still do as long as they are not playing the Ravens). Hopefully Favre can go out on top.

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