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Calgary may put a team in Omaha. I don't remember hearing that specific city, but my guess is that they will put a team closer to Calgary. They still "own" a franchise, currently the dormant Saint John Flames. The dual affiliation agreement of the Lowell LockMonsters between Calgary and Carolina ends after this season, and expect Calgary to leave to run their own team somewhere else.

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Omaha deserves a AHL-calibur team. They Lancers are cool (even though they moved to Council Bluffs a few years ago), but Omaha is a good hockey city....

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Even though I have JQK on ignore, he makes a good point about Omaha. They support ice hockey there, and should share Quest Center with Creighton hoops and UN-Omaha hockey when a new team is established next year.

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Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

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From Canoe Slam Sports

Flames to announce new AHL affiliate


CALGARY (CP) - Despite the extended NHL lockout the Calgary Flames are poised to announce a new American Hockey League affiliate.

"We'll announce it in early January. It's literally a technicality on the lease that's holding up the announcement," Flames President Ken King said Thursday.

"We want to get that going because it'll open up for the fall of 2005. In that city they haven't had hockey. They did many, many years ago so this is a return for them and so we'll announce it then."

King refused to say which city would be hosting the Flames' new farm team except to say it was in the American Midwest and was considerably closer to Calgary than Lowell.

The Flames have been sharing the Lock Monsters in Lowell, Mass., with the Carolina Hurricanes since the demise of the Saint John Flames in New Brunswick.

After a decade as one of Canada's most successful American Hockey League franchises, Saint John shut down in April, 2003.

There have been a number of Midwestern U.S. cities that have had AHL franchises in the past including Indianapolis, where the Capitals played from 1939-1952.

"I would have loved to have had it in Canada but we're back from a two-year hiatus where we were sharing a team with Carolina," King said.

Another team would push AHL membership up from 28 in 2004-05 to 30 for next season, providing one development team for each NHL club. The expansion Iowa Stars, who will begin play at the brand new Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines as the Dallas Stars' affiliate, will also start play next season.

In other news Thursday, the AHL's board of governors approved the sale of the Worcester IceCats to by the St. Louis Blues to Bruce Saurs and Anne Griffith, and approved the relocation of the franchise to Peoria, Ill., for next season.

The team will be known as the Peoria Rivermen and will remain the Blues' affiliate, playing out of the at the 9,919-seat Carver Arena.

King says having its own farm team once again will allow the Flames to better control the development of their players.

"Darryl (Sutter) will assign the coaches. He'll have more room on the roster for our prospects," he said. "Last year (during the NHL playoffs) we were down to pretty slim pickings. We've had players in Las Vegas and the East Coast League. It'll bring all our prospects together."

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