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"new jersey logo concept


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Not much to say about this one... was fooling around in Illustrator with the two letters, and this materialized.


New Jersey Devils Concept Logo



New Jersey Devils Concept Logo V2

As stated, this is in the style of my Isles "NY" logo (copy&paste to view). Any comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I like it. Is the NJ a font or hand-created letters? Either way it's nice. It for some reason looks...retro-ish...like it could have been used in the '50s. That's not meant as a bad thing though...
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Using some of your comments (thank you to all who posted), I have added the updated look in the first post, while keeping the old look for comparisons sake.

Ninerfan, those are manually created letters. I usually use a preset font (usually edited to fit my purposes and avoid any potential copyright infringements), but in this case, I needed to manually create letters that fit my purpose.

Again, thank you for your honesty, and I'd like to hear what you think of version 2.

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Looks like a tulip...both of 'em.

It's hard to make a logo for a team that has a perfect logo already. ALl ideas seem to pale in comparison. (it's why i'll never try and make a new Blackhawks logo)

I think you need to ditch your current pitchfork idea, and try to incorperate it in a different fashion.

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