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NHL NY Americans concept set


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you may remember the NHL Revivals project from last year. Chances are my first rendition of the NY Americans wasn't too memorable. Don't blame ya-I was spent from the Revivals I'd done before that one, I didn't put much effort into having much of an identity for that set, and it showed. That said, this is a shot at redemption. This is pretty much everything that wasn't.

first, i present the logo set, which i decided to keep simple.


then, the home blue and traveling white.


finally, the alternate goldie (why gold? differentiation, of course)


basically, i feel i have put out something unique yet traditional. what say you?

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thanks, it's always nice to know when you don't have to pull out three pages explaining what the logo's supposed to be :D i've been happy with the NY-torch, though the A-torch next to it is another story...i'm redoing it tomorrow, cus if i wasn't the one who'd made it, I wouldn't readily be able to tell it was an A.

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Out of everything you've ever done, this is probably your best in terms of how it would look in a game. This is the type of evolutionary design that respects the past without copying it verbatim. My only gripe, though, is that you might want to add a layer of white trim in between the logo and the gold trim (for better contrast). Other than that very minor beef, awesome work!


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that 'A' is pretty ambigious tho...

yeah, i was going to change it but now i'm simply scrapping it. after taking a long look, I realize now that I don't even need it.

Its very clean and to the point.....great job......except for the "Jagr" on the back of the uni....that ruins it  :D
coulda been worse...i coulda put LINDROS 88 on the back :P
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you're probably looking at the updated set now, I won't see it (at least on teh boards) until I sign off. don't ask. anyways, I've updated the set:

-the A-flame logo has been semi-scrapped. I got it so I was happy with it, but the NY-torch makes for a better crest, so the A-flame by itself is no more.

-The A-flame is still around, as I put it into the wordmark. it's also on the alternate jersey.

-the NY torch has been tweaked a bit, mainly the flame. it's very slight, i wanted a little more separation between the flame and the Y.

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The white is nice, but the blue and gold are fantastic. Nice work. I'd but one of those.

I figure if I had some more cash, I'd have it made professionally. If I had the needed fabric on hand, I would make all three jerseys myself. Neither being the case for now, I decided to put the logos on a t-shirt. Suffice to say they look good on a shirt. no pics, but i'll describe it:

front: small DP logo, Americans wordmark

bottom of left sleeve (this is a long sleeve, so I figured what the hell): NY-torch logo

got a couple other tees in too (Cubs "Cuba" script/mad bear, Va Tech turkey head).

Shoot, if i had some professionally-made ones, I could and would sell them to you. I've seen one of those faux throwbacks that look just like Dr. J's home jersey with the Nets, only it says NEW YORK instead, no mention of the Nets. Same exact design, though. If that can be sold, there's no reason I can't sell these. No New York team could stop me from using teh NY, and the jersey design is different enough that teh NHL couldn't say I was making money off them...they got much bigger issues to deal with anyway ;) I would have to change something on the gold jersey but that would be a minor roadblock.

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