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The worst sports uniforms ever


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I blame these jerseys on Gary Betteman and I blame Bob Goodenow for allowing the players to wear them.

I own 4 of those jerseys that you pointed out. And hopefully that Kings one soon. :lol: I just guess one man's hideous jersey is another man's masterpiece. :P

I have the Kings one, it may be for $ale.

twitter_zps93c9c8f9.png @josh_j12 smbelt_zps438edf04.png

CFA- Fargo Bobcats

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I blame these jerseys on Gary Betteman and I blame Bob Goodenow for allowing the players to wear them.

The bottom one


The bottom one


Both of them


I'm glad Mike Keenan had the balls to stop his team from wearing this!!!


Omg, the logo doesnt work on these!!


The bottom one




how can you not like the bolts 3rd

Man, those look ugly.

Woo-hoo, my 500th post!!! Yeah, baby!!! :woot::woot::woot:

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Team tried to change in Holmgren days to a Navy blue and shade of old gold. Similar to what team used in early years copying Notre Dame colors of navy & gold but no green.  Also all stripes would have been removed from helmet and unis. Fans got wind of it, hated idea, and the plans were nixed. Good job Pack fans you blew it!

I dont think thats right. For the 1994 season they wore blue and gold throwbacks, but I dont think they were trying to change to that. Ron Wolf, former GM, said he was going to change the colors to green and a gold similar to the current Rams'. Fans hated the idea but he said he would go through with it anyway. However he decided to nix the idea. Not because of the fans but because he said they didnt look good on paper.

You are right. I wrote incorrectly. Pack did consider using navy during concept phase, however, decided to go with darker green. Pack may have said it did not look good and they dropped the plans, however, Pack fans in Green Bay told me it was dropped due to fans negativity to changes when put out in focus groups.

Focus groups are how teams gage interest in changes. They are suppose to keep it a secret, however, this idea so incensed the Pack faithfull some focus group participants leaked it out to fans which caused the uproar and stopped the change.

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Anything with that horrendous logo on it is bad, but these are extra-bad. And the name is so exceedingly stupid.

Well, that's the price you pay for having had Nestle as a corporate sponsor.

Wrongo! Syracuse's hockey team has been the Crunch since 1994. And they had different colors back then; I think aqua was the main color back then. With some purple.

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