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The worst sports uniforms ever


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Those vertical stipes and colours make it the ugliest football unis...

While the Phillies one is overkill---it's not the worst--ut those White SOx Shorts ones are worthy competitors for worst in baseball...

Worst overall though--and I'm skipping a few--

Vancouver Canucks' "V" unis--

Worst league--RHI...

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Not that I have (or on this board need) an image of the current Buffalo Bills' disasters, but they have to be on the list way ahead of the current Bengals' set. At least Cincinnati's uniforms have a decent color scheme choice.

But the 5 colored Bills are just plain :puke:

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The old Canucks jerseys are actually bad enough to make me want one.

Anyone remember the MLB "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion?


And if you have not clicked away in horror, I can tell you that yes, this is a New York Mets jersey actually worn in an MLB Game. :wow::wow:

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1979 Pirates


Those are just awful. How could the Birds throw a 3-1 lead against that. Those uni's on top of that stupid song, I'll always dislike Willie Stargell. Thoses stripes didn't have a very slimming effect on him.

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Yo I just wanted to thank eveyone who has contributed to this little chuckle we got goin here. This is the first time I started a string on here, glad people actually read it.

This is by far the ugliest message board I have ever seen. Nice job guys.

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