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Complete ivy league hockey concepts...


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Ivy league college hockey is awesome, but the jerseys are a little boring. Yale/dartmouth would be identical if one were not green and one were not blue. Cornell's is a practice jersey with tape on it. Brown's the yale/datmouth jersey with an extra stripe. Princeton's is somewhat creative, but still boring. Harvard's look's great, but is a tad boring. So I decided to totally remake every school's jersey. Because of the tradition of the ivy league, these are alternate concepts. c/p, comments please i worked hard on these i want your feedback!

brown bears

columbia lions

cornell big red

dartmouth big green

harvard crimson

Pennsylvania Quakers

princeton tigers

yale bulldogs

comlubia 2

PS I know Penn's team is only club and columbia doesnt even have a team but lets just pretend that the whole ivy leagye is in the ecac

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Brown- Everything seems to fit. I like it.

Columbia- Eh. :o

Cornell- I like it. I like cornell's shade of red. I especially love their football unifoms and helmet. Oh yeah, the jersey design is pretty good too.

Dartmouth- Is that green? Not a big fan of this one...the gradient just doesn't look right.

Hahvahd :laugh: - I like it. Simple but nice.

Penn- Erm. I like the jersey design. Kinda. But I'd use their P logo instead of the "peak" WordArt you have and maybe lose the shadowed numbers.

Princeton- Interesting. You used two different number fonts (might want to fix that...) but I kinda like it. The tiger stripes "match" the numbers you used.

Yale- Doesn't exactly knock me off my feet, but it matches the logo. Not horrible, but not the best either.

Overall, not bad. Not the best I've seen, but certainly not the worst. Good job.


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Ah, Penn hockey... I remember it well.

I even remember the last varsity game Penn played.

It was 1978. The university administration had just announced huge cuts in extracurricular activities to save money. That included elimination of the professional theater program on-campus and the hockey team, among others.

I was a student, working at the campus TV station. Walking back to the studio from a routine intervie with the baseball team, I passed College Hall. Students were storming the building, staging a sit-in. (This wasn't the '60s, it was the late '70s!) After three days, some programs were restored ... but not the hockey team.

But I digress.

The Quakers had one more game to play, against Yale. As I recall, Penn wore NY Rangers-type uniforms, with P-E-N-N diagonally down the front. But for this final game, the players covered the letters with white adhesive tape. That was their protest... they were playing not for the school, but for themselves.

The "white shirts" won (I forget the score), and there hasn't been a varsity game at Penn since.


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I just added a second comlubia concept, the first one was a little lame, and the circles just didnt cut it.  For the second try, I did what I did with yale's jersey and tried to tie the logo into the jersey design.  I put the skyline into the jersey to accomplish this, because in the logo behind the lion is a NYC skyline.  The skyline is from some clipart I found.  I edited the first post but you can also find it here. c/p

comlubia 2

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yeah, i've seen cornell's actual jerseys.  basically old red wings jerseys w/no wing.  anyways, these are pretty good and i like the second columbia concept-ya even used a variation of something i've used for NYC teams in the past (the skyline ).  brown one is good considering their crap colors.


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