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umm...okay.  nice design, poor choice of colors.  that and i'm a little weary of the flood of ducks concepts lately :D


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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Also that logo should never be used on a jersey, it tries to be retro style while being the most cartoonish logo in hockey.

I find that funny, coming from a guy who uses the most cartoonish/attempted-retro logo in hockey as his avatar. :D Maybe it gets more credibility because the Pens have been around a lot longer and because that exact rendition doesn't appear on their jerseys, but I still think you're description of the Ducks' logo fits your avatar to a T.

No hard feelings though. Great work, Kenworth, and j/k, Puckcool.

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no, I like the hummingbird better then the skating penguin as well.

what i think would work for the pens is the same thing the thrashers do.

white: as is, hummingbird on shoulder, skating penguin on chest

black: skating penguin on shoulder, hummingbird on chest

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