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One of my area high schools ...


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One of the area high schools that I cover is called the North Hardin Christian Falcons. They are a member of the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association. North Hardin Christian DID NOT create the logo in question, but rather someone did all of them for the KCAA site listed below. So I'm going to feel pretty bad if the Fresno Falcons come down on NHC because they probably didn't know they were ripping the Fresno Falcons off. Looks like all the KCAA designer did was switch colors, remove the hockey stick and add a word mark.

The Fresno Falcons' logo:



And the North Hardin Christian Falcons' logo:



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high schools "borrowing" logos from college and pro teams is nothing new.

San Leandro High School out here is the Pirates, and thier football helmets are basically Tampa Bay Bucs helmets in blue rather then pewter

Puckguy's high school alma mater, College Park in Pleasant Hill, is the Falcons. Thier football helmets are purple with a white version of the old atlanta falcons logo

My high school, Pittsburg High is the Pirates, and the baseball team at one point did use the MLB Pirates logo with the bandana recolored orange.

Acalanes High School in Lafayette CA had a white football helmet with a U of Arizona "A" on it in all blue

Monte Vista High School in Danville CA is the Mustangs, and thier football helmets are pretty much carbon copies of the Calgary Stampeders helmets

just a couple of examples. Im sure there are more out there.

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I know that most high schools do it (either use modified logo or exact one). Many high schools in the state of Kentucky use the Louisville Cardinals' old logo and my alma mater uses a modified North Carolina logo (the interlocking NC). The military high school uses the Philadelphia Eagles' logo.

That's not the point. My point was the school did it unknowingly (I really doubt they had heard of the Fresno Falcons before, unless the Falcons are more popular than I thought).

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Is this all just ignorance on the part of the high school athletic departments, or is there some distributor of high school athletic equipment that is putting these logos in their catalogs for future use by schools?

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My high school McNaughton High School in Moosomin Saskatchewan... we were home of the McNaughton Marquis... thats right we were french nobility... I proudly wore the Green and Silver of the Marquis when I played Bball, Volleyball, Track, badminton, and Curling... and know what we used for a logo... the best logo of all time... thats right Bucco Bruce...

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I doubt they did it unwillingly, they probably did a search on the web for the word falcon, found one they liked and had someone alter it enough to use (remove hockey stick and change colors).

These professional teams should be happy to have high schools use their logos, it's free advertisement for them. If you see a high school kid wearing a T-Shirt with his school logo (which just happens to be the Buccaneers flag recolored) you are going to think about the Buccaneers not the Creamer High School Pirates etc...

Here comes a shameless plug :D .....

To see other high schools which use variations of NFL and NCAA logos as their own why not visit the New York High School Football Helmet Project Website.

Click HERE

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