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Ivy League football


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Brown helmet + facemask is too much. Make facemask white (or orange) and it is better imo.

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i remember seeing a pic of a Columbia player in a jersey with 20s-style striping on the front, not unlike those throwbacks the Bears and Steelers wore in 94.

Brown, the bear claw would make a good logo...what, they'd already used it before? heh. ;)


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It looks much better with the bear paw.

Great job!

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Brown - Not sure what their current uniforms look like, but I like those. As others have said maybe make a B on the pants instead of the paw. And make sure they look a little different than the Cleveland Browns.

Columbia - Again, not sure what their current uniforms look like. These are nice. Did you mean to have a striped sock on only one of the jerseys?

Great idea for a project. Can't wait for the rest.


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B&B-Yeah, I had stripes on only the road on purpose.

rtrich-I thought blue with white pants (especially with the striping I used) would look a little "cookie-cutter", so I went with powder blue pants with it. A little different, but doesn't look too bad. :D


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