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Charles Rogers


How many weeks will it take for Lions WR Charles Rogers to rebrake his collar bone?  

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You guys need to find

A better

Line of teasing people

Everybody looks up to us mods for

Sensible and fair coverage. I find it

Unbeliveable that

Chris would allow such

Kid-like antics.

Smarten up people...

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Everyone needs to realize that

Zinging everyone

Is not fun for the

Subjects getting


Forshame on

All of us.

To think I have been

A party to this. I have been too

Silent for

So Long.

Zinging can be be fun if done properly ;)

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There just seems to be too much time on your hands, i mean

How do you really consider this a poll post. i feel

Intelligence is quickly dropping on this board and

Since the lounge was introduced

I feel that posts are now just a mockery, it it

So sad that it had to

Fall to this. with so much

*nderlying hatred between boardmembers, i mean,

*ant we all just get along, i feel that, weather your name is

Kevin, Steve

Ivan, or whatever it is. we as people all have

Needs. i feel that making fun of people is just


Do you all

Understand what i


Boy oh boy, that took a lot of work :P

edited, i dont wanna get burned for swearing. replace the * with a U and a C, not necessarily in that order and itll make sense

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