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Ot: avs sign kariya/selanne


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Holy hockey puck batman! Today the avs signed Kariya and Selanne. Kariya apparently took a $9.8 million pay cut! Who wouldn't? he lost the stanley cup and now he's pretty much guaranteed it.

on a sad note, marchant signed with the blue coats. damn! he was well liked in edmonton.

Vancouver 2010 Two Man Luge Gold Medalist.


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How many teams would've love that deal?  $7 million for two of the best players in the NHL?  I know there are a ton of Sharks fans that are having fits.  Well no need to follow the Western Conference this season.  We pretty much know who will be in the conference semis, Detroit and Colorado.  

As for Marchant, I was really hoping that if Todd wasn't gonna stay in Edmonton, that he come to Teal Town to make one of the fastest lines in the league.  Marco Sturm, Patrick Marleau and Marchant would've been sweet.  

But hey Oilerfan, don't worry you can at least laugh at Team Teal this season!

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San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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I am shocked!  :angry: as a duck fan i feel soo betrayed right now, we gave him support for ten damn years and this is what he does, we came out when he couldn't pull that damn team out of the cellar, we cheered for him, when scott stevens layed him out i was there i felt for the guy, i truley thought that he was going to be a duck for his carrer. and it is an even bigger slap in the face that he took a pay cut, a pay cut? Thanks kariya thanks for the great exit, thanks for bringing use one western comfrence championship before pussing out on your team and the city that took you in and loved you from day one, uncoditionaly. and i am even more upset that the head offices didnt even move a muscle to try to keep your franchise player, god i cant belive it, i just cant belive it. kariya i will never forgive you for this not as long as i live, i will never forgive you. DUCKS 2003-2004 "SEASON OF RETREBUTION" great slogan huh? and i cant say i am mad a colorado, because that has got to be one of the best pick up ever.
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oh and i just went to NHL.com and looked at the free agent list for the ducks and it goes like this

Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Niclas Havelid

Jonathan Hedstrom

Mike Leclerc

Samuel Pahlsson

Cam Severson

Petr Sykora

Vitaly Vishnevski

Lance Ward

Patric Kjellberg

Adam Oates

Fredrik Olausson

Steve Thomas

German Titov

Francis Belanger

Josh Dewolf

Chris O'Sullivan

Mike Brown

Marc Chouinard

Ben Guite

Peter Podhradsky

Kevin Sawyer

Jarrett Smith

Nick Smith

Rob Valicevic

Brendan Yarema

After letting kariya go if they let J.S Gigure go i will quit on them, flat out quit on them

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Darn large market teams.

Now for the news I know you've all been waiting for. :;):

(AP)  Buffalo Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier announced today the team has acquired centers Chris Drury and Steve Begin from the Calgary Flames in exchange for defenseman Rhett Warrener and center Steve Reinprecht who Buffalo acquired earlier in the day from Colorado in exchange for defenseman Keith Ballard (Buffalo?s 2002 first round draft choice).  

The Sabres also signed Nashville defenseman Andy Delmore in exchange for the Sabres first round draft pick in 2004.


 Good to see we're getting some good centers.  After trading Barnes for nothing last year, the Sabres were in even more trouble than usually.  Atleast we got Briere from Phoenix in that spree.  The Sabres also traded another much loved player in Rob Ray, as you may remember.  The man spent his entire career in Buffalo and even took a paycut the year before to stay in Buffalo.  So much for loyalty.

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I'm an Avs fan and yesterday I was sitting at home when my phone rang and my best friend yelled "TURN ON ESPNNEWS!" Could have knocked me over with a feather.

Now if we can just get a little D help for next season, we're set!

little help on D? little help on D!?!?!?!?!

colorados got:

Rob Blake

Derek Morris

Adam Foote

Greg de vries

Martin Skoula

that as pretty damn good Defense

the only thing that would basically give the cup to colorado is... a all-star goalie...hmm maybe can we see khbibulin come to denver? I HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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...or CuJo, or Patrick out of retirement (hey, I bet he didn't see this coming.

Yes, as much as I applaud Aebisher and Sauve on their waiting for a chance to shine, I just don't see either of them becoming the star the Avs need them to be.

That said, jlucas' story is basically the same as mine, except mine was "log on to tsn.ca!!!"

I ran around the house screaming.

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de Vries is unrestricted and, while I think Pierre is a genius, I question his logic.  He's pretty much said that Greg won't be back.  Also, Skoula is, well, "special" on defense.  If he can get his act together and play to his potential, he can be a stud.  Unfortunately, I don't see that happening.

I still think we're gonna go into the season with Sauve as our starter and Aebiescher as our back-up.

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Wait, isnt the CBA up after this year, and arent they both signed to just a 1 year deal?  I think the Avs are just hoping there isnt a strike/lockout/whatever and goin for another cup...I dont think they can do it without Roy, no matter how bad he collapsed against my Minnesota Wild  :;):   Then again, i think the Wild/Av/Canuck rivalry is a great one and is up there with the best of them...dan-cloutier.jpg...thats all i gotta say  :D
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That picture is hilarious.

Kind of reminds me in a strange way about a story I heard while the Canucks were so hot... someone was telling about how they had been in the washroom at GM Place in Vancouver, and had seen scratched into the walls "Jesus saves", and underneath someone had either scratched or taped a note saying "...but Bertuzzi scores on the rebound." I thought that was funny.

Also kind of reminds me of that Comical Ali picture talking about the elimanated Wings.

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I have never seen Sauve play (maybe because i live in NY) and all the talk is about how BAD the Rangers are on 1050 ESPN Radio and 660 WFAN that they don't talk about any hockey team outside of our tri-state area but anywayz

Is Sauve good? Where did he come from?

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