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Special Detroit Tigers Concept

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I'm not feeling this trend I see of putting logos on the back of jerseys where the nameplate should go. If the Tigers want to use the All-Star Game logo as a sleeve patch, fine, but I don't think something like this will fly.

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i at least think the hat wood be pretty sweet if they wore it with a home jersey

um, no. Leave the Navy Hat with the Old English D with the Home Jersey

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Wow. 3 concepts in 1 evening. Quantity means nothing without quality.

My thoughts:

1. The hat is something they could sell to promote the All-Star Game, but it does not look like anything a major league team would wear during a game. It's a promotional item, and should remain that way.

2. A small logo on the neck was a bad idea that some NBA teams started, and unfortunately it's spread to the Arizona Cardinals. But a logo that's as big as the numbers on the back (10" to 12", usually) is beyong jarring.

3. The Tigers are a traditional team going back over 100 years. Your idea is awfully radical for baseball jerseys in general, let alone a team who is part of MLB's "old guard".

And take the advice of the more senior members of the forum - don't respond to your own posts; it makes you look desperate. Be patient. You had the stones to put your creative efforts on display for all to see and critique - allow people to look on their own time. The responses will be there.

One last thing: we all have our own biases and opinions. If your design doesn't appeal to some people, so be it. You don't have to agree with someone to get something useful out of what responses you get. This is a great place to get advice and get better.

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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