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Which 10 people would you have in a All Sports HOF


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Imagine if there were a hall of fame for all sports, and you were one of the voters to choose the first 10 inductees, who would you put down on your ballot? (Maximum 2 for each sport that the player was best at, with the exception of track and field):

I'd put down:

Jim Thorpe (Greatest Athlete of All Time)

Babe Ruth (Baseball)

Michael Jordan (Basketball)

Muhammed Ali (Boxing)

Jim Brown (Football and Lacrosse)

Wayne Gretzky (Hockey)

Jesse Owens (Track and Field)

Pele (Soccer)

Babe Didrikson (Greatest Female Athlete of all-time)

Willie Mays (Baseball)

Just missing the cut and would be on my second ballot: Walter Payton, Joe Louis, Bo Jackson, Magic Johnson and Mark Spitz.

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Good list. I'd take MJ off but that could be cause I hate him now.

Still, I'm not sure he quite measures up to the others on that list.

During 2000 when everyone had their athletes of the century countdown...I think Fox tore down ESPNs list and mentioned all the things Jackie Robinson (I think) was good at. Almost Thorpe like.

Then there is the argument against Gretzky and his army of statistics.

I dunno.

All these people were really good though.

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Only 10? What's the point of having a HOF if it's only 10? I think 50 is more like it.


Utah Jazz Retired Number's

#1 - Frank Layden - #7 Pete Maravich - #12 John Stockton - #14 Jeff Hornacek - #35 Darrell Griffith - #53 Mark Eaton

Retired Number's To Come

#00 The Bear (Best Mascot In NBA) - #4 Adrian Dantley - #32 Karl "The Mailman" Malone

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For conversations sake...10 is a better number.

I really can't complain about the first list, or anything that sterling said. I think I'd replace willie with jackie robinson because of what he did for baseball and his excellence in other sports.

I think MJ needs to be on there. But there were plenty of basketball players that deserve it as well. Wilt chamberlain comes to mind because of the rule changes that resulted just because of him.

Maybe its too recent in our minds, but I would seriously consider Lance Armstrong. What he's done is nothing short of amazing. Judgeing by the names on here, this is North American sports, and in North America, Cycling is only Lance Armstrong. Before Lance, not too many people knew what the tour de france was, and I'm doubting after him...many will care.

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I imagine the number 10 simply because A) the idea is if this was the first eligibility for everyone and you could only fit in 10 who'd you pick and B) 50 is way too much.

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1) Jackie Robinson

2) Michael Joran

3) Hank Aaron - A real athlete, not just another guy on steroids.

4) Roger Clemmens

5) Wayne Gretzky

6) Bobby Orr

7) Pele

8) Joe Montana

9) Jesse Owens

10) Muhammed Ali

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*Michael Jordan

*Muhammed Ali

*Hank Aaron

*Jackie Robinson

*Jim Brown

*Jesse Owens

*Jerry Rice

*LeBron James

*Willie Mayes




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Ali, Muhammad

Brown, Jim

Chaimberlin, Wilt

Gretsky, Wayne

Jordan, Micheal

Mays, Willie

Owens, Jesse

Rice, Jerry

Robinson, Jackie

Ruth, Babe

HM -

Aaron, Hank

Louis, Joe

Navratalova, Martina


Robinson, Sugar Ray

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1-Lionel Conacher-NHL hockey (2 Stanley Cups), CFL football (1 Grey Cup), minor league baseball, soccer, lacrosse, track, amateur boxing champion.

He died in 1954, at age 53, suffering a heart attack after running out a triple in a softball game between MPs and the press corps at Parliament Hill. (He went into politics after sports--but I won't hold it against him)

2-Gordie Howe-Mr Hockey

3-Wayne Gretzky

Hmm--it gets tough after that--I'll have to think about it...

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Walter Payton

Jackie Robinson

Wilt Chamberlain

Emil Zatopek (I'm pretty sure I misspelled that.)

Johnny Unitas

Jim Thorpe

Michael Jordan

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Wayne Gretzky

Cy Young

O.K. start your wrathful rants about my horrible list.


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Babe Ruth

Hank Aaron

Jackie Robinson

Wayne Gretzky


Muhamad Ali

Jesse Ownes

Jim Thorpe

Jim Brown

Mark Spitz

Honorable Mention


1980 US Hockey Team


Jackie Joyner Kersey

Babe Zaharias Didrikson

Nadia Comaneci

Mia Hamm

Steffi Graff

Mary Lou Retton

Martina Navratolova

Ann Meyers

Cheryl Miller

Annika Sorrenstam

Honorable Mention

Janet Guthrie

Nancy Lieberman

Kristi Yamaguchi


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*LeBron James

LeBron hasnt even done enough to make it on the HOF of the last 2 years.

i dont know how Lance Armstrong isn't on every single list...

1. Babe Ruth

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Lance Armstrong

4. Michael Jordan

5. Wayne Gretzky

6. Hank Aaron

7. Pele

8. Jim Brown

9. Cy Young

10. Joe Montana


Jackie Robinson, Dale Earnhardt, Wilt Chamberlain,

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a couple women to think about:

Flo Jo, Jakie Joyner Kersey, Billy Jean King, and Bonnie blair. The first 2 are obvious, Billy Jean King arguably started the entire women's sports movement, and Bonnie Blair was the worlds best Speed Skater for 10+ years.

Others: Secritariat (yes a horse), Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicolos, Tiger Woods.

Probably wouldn't be top 10, but I'm betting they could get in if there was an all sports hall of fame.

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