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Barcelona Dragons Concept


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Another NFL Europe all-MS Paint concept! ^_^ I'm personally not feeling this concept as much as I felt my first Hamburg ones. I had some initial problems with the colors, but for the most part, everything's been sorted out. I wasn't sure whether to add the Barcelona Dragons logo to the pants, so I just left the pants with the stripes. I know the font for Graziani's name is dreadful, but I couldn't locate the page that I saw one time with the names and numbers for all the NFL teams.

So without further ado, here it is:


All input is welcome. =)

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Graziani?!?!?!? I dont know if the Philadelphia Soul QB is gonna be playing in NFL europe soon.

He already played with the Barcelona Dragons back in 2000. Barcelona's dead, but I decided to make a concept for them anyways.

Here's a pic of him and a link to the page that talks about him.



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The last two seasons they wore the FC Barcelona crest on their jerseys. Tehy were actually FC Barcelona Dragons and played at the Mini-Estadi in place of Montjuic. So yes, that is a soccer ball on the shoulders

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Yes, their last two seasons they joined FC Barcelona, hence the odd crest. I modified it to make it look like a dragon was clutching it. :P

that part is cool. one of the more subtle things i saw that really makes it unique. Great concept...too bad it's defunct now.

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Thanks you guys!

Aye...'tis a shame that some great NFLEL teams have gone under...the Dragons exemplify this. I guess not as many Spanish, British, and Scottish fans cared for American football as much as the German and Dutch fans, although I could be wrong.

I'll finish up the defunct NFLEL teams and go for a Monarchs and Claymores concept next, so I should have two to show next time. =)

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I always loved the Dragons logo and especially how well it "fit" on the helmet. I did a lot of logo work on the NFLE helmets -- see link:

NFL Europe Tribute


Definately, man. Those are nice! I personally liked the first Berlin Thunder helmet better than the current one...always looked better to me when that hammer was tilted a bit to the side. Those fans with the WWI helmet and the little hammer on top instead of the spoke are crazy. :wacko:

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Nice concept. One minor comment. The NFLE/WLAF was smart to avoid red-yellow-red stripes for Barcelona. Barcelona is in the very independence-minded region of Catalonia (Catalunya). Many Barcelonans view themselves as Catalans first and Spaniards second (or third). It is as if you used the British flag for Scotland instead of the Scottish one. If you look at their NFLE uniforms the last few years, the sleeve stripes are the Catalan flag (A series of thin red-yellow-red-yellow-red-yellow-etc) and not the simpler 3 stripe Spanish Flag.

By the way, I saw the Dragons play twice, both at the Olympic stadium before they affiliated with FC Barcelona. It was a good time, a little sparce in the crowd department, but still a nice bit of football while I was abroad.

I still think the NFL botched this by not growing sooner to create rivals. The NFL Europe could work with 10 teams, with better rivals they might be able to offset the current Germanification of the league and the loss of other sites.







London (give them 1 stadium for 3 years, and keep prices down, people will go.)





possibly add in Rome & Milan later (or Turin/Milan)

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