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Schools using falcons for mascots


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I am looking for a list of sorts for colleges or universities that use Falcons as their mascot. Their colors would be helpful, too.

I was doing some exploratory work for a school in particular, but they kinda blew the thing off. I want to change the school name in the wordmarks for my portfolio. Blow them off.

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I can put together a list for you out of my College Athletics database.  With colors.

Give me a day or two; I need to clean up the app a bit, and I'm pretty swamped with client work right now...

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For high school:

College Park High School (Pleasant Hill, CA)

Foothill High School (Fremont, CA)

i know there's a site with all the team nicknames for high school, college and pros...i forgot where that was, though.

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air force


Bowling Green

springfield (hockey)

Newcastle (rugby)

Fresno (hockey)

Carinthian (german football)

Catalonia (spanish Footall, although they are the Salt falcons

Philly (soccer)

Arnheim (german football)

Milan (italian football)

im sure i missed obvious ones cuz i went for the obscure, if you wanna find them, just do google them.

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Here's a quick and dirty listing from my database...I really need to spend time and re-work some of the tables, and get the thing updated, but I did a query that will hopefully get you started:

Albertus Magnus College (New Haven, CT): Royal Blue, White

Arizona Bible College (Phoenix, AZ): Burgundy, Black, White (formerly Green, Gold, White)

Bentley College (Waltham, MA): Royal Blue (285 C), Gold (130 C)

Berkshire Community College (Pittsfield, MA): Blue, Green

Bowling Green State U. (Bowling Green, OH): Seal Brown (168 C), Burnt Orange (1655 C)

Cerritos College (Norwalk, CA): Blue, White

City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College (Chicago, IL): Forest Green, White

Concordia U. (WI) (Mequon, WI): Royal Blue, White

Davenport U.-Dearborn (Dearborn, MI): Blue, Gold

Dutchess Community College (Poughkeepsie, NY): Buff, Blue

Fairmont State College (Fairmont, WV): "Fighting Falcons" - Maroon, White

Fanshawe College (London, ON): Red, White

Felican College (Lodi, NJ): "Golden Falcons" - Hunter Green, Gold

Fitchburg State College (Fitchburg, MA): Green, White, Gold

Florida College (Temple Terrace, FL): Red, White

Friends U. (Wichita, KS): Scarlet Red, Gray, White

Indian Hills Community College (Ottumwa, IA): Maroon, Gold

Lackawanna Junior College (Scranton, PA): Blue, White

Langara College (Vancouver, BC): Forest Green, White

Messiah College (Grantham, PA): Navy Blue (295 C), White (formerly Royal Blue, White)

Miami-Dade Community College-North (Miami, FL): Columbia Blue, White

Montgomery College-Tacoma Park (Tacoma Park, MD): Blue, Gold

Notre Dame College (OH) (South Euclid, OH): "Blue Falcons" - Royal Blue, Gold

Parks College-St. Louis U. (Cahokia, IL): Blue, White

Pfeiffer U. (Misenheimer, NC): Black, Gold

St. Augustine's College (Raleigh, NC): "Mighty Falcons" - Blue, White, Red

Seattle Pacific U. (Seattle, WA): Maroon, White, Gold

Solano Community College (Suisun City, CA): Royal Blue, White

Southeastern Illinois College (Harrisburg, IL): Blue, Gold

Taylor U.-Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN): Purple, Gold

United States Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO): Air Force Blue, Silver

U. of Montevallo (Montevallo, AL): Purple (267 C), Gold (123 C)

U. of Wisconsin-River Falls (River Falls, WI): Red, White

Vancouver Community College (Vancouver, BC): Green, White

West Hills Community College (Coalinga, CA): Blue, Red

That's all I have to date.  Like I said, I really need to update my database - it hasn't been updated in a while.  And, I don't have that many Pantones for these schools.

Hope this helps...

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Here's why I was asking. Since one of the unnamed colleges (listed above) blew me off, I'm changing to one of these below. Only thing is Air Force already has a great logo. But the BG is an improvement only because anything is. What do y'all think?


BTW, how does one bump a message?

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You post the word "BUMP."  It's pointless. *heh*

Those are very, very nice... though I'd like to see the BG concept closer to the colours they use now.

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but seriously, dont most of you think that a school called "bowling GREEN" should have that color somewhere?

that's always baffled me too.  everyone else i know of that plays in a city with a color in its name or uses a color in their name uses said color (ex. St.L Blues, Kent Golden Flashes, Tulsa Golden Hurricane, Winnipeg Blue Bombers)...except Bowling Green State University...weird.

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Hmmm. Still tough to decide. I think if I had deliberately set out to do an Air Force logo I would have approached this differently. Maybe getting something jet-age in there.

The Bowling Green is just nasty because of those colors. Maybe I will try a different college and color scheme. Couldn't hurt. So far it looked ok in yellow/blue and red/black when I played with it.

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