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Flyers concepts


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I think the road would look better if the pants had white stripes, and maybe even take it down to one stripe.  I like the overall design on the sweater except how the color goes to  a point on the sleeves.  If they just went straight across on the top and then straight across from where it breaks in the chest.

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They look good, but the dark one could use some white and/or silver (especially if you're using the silver logo, otherwise use the regular logo). The white jersey could really use more orange in it.

I like those pants. If it was a white stripe instead of silver, it's be perfect.

Good job.

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I like how you've went to a unique striping pattern on the hockey jeresey.  We don't see that enough in hockey concepts.  A lot of people will juist color in between the lines on the template, thinking it's still a kindergarten coloring book.

I think this concept suffers if anything other than a single digit number or the #11 is worn, unless the numbers are in a contrasting color from black, in which case the numbers can spill over into the black area.  That's not a problem for your road whites, but it would mean the home oranges would need white player numbers.

Lastly ... no sleeve numbers?  No shoulder patches?  Not criticizing, just noticing.

Keep up the good work!

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I've yet to produce a hockey concept in Illustrator. It has been a while since my last one though. But, don't under estimate ClarisWorks. When I was rolling them out, I believe I was thought of as a good hockey designer. That, well actually AppleWorks a slightly newer version, was what I used.

To put sleeves numbers and shoulder patches on use your "Transform" option on the toolbar. From their you can "scale" it smaller if you wanna put a logo on the shoulder, and you can also "rotate" it.

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The only big problem I have is the logo. It's not you but I hate that 3rd jersey flyers logo. Why couldn't have the just used the regular on with an oranger jersey. After all that is what they had and it was good (well, for the flyers).
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I think he meant the button in Claris.

I'm not liking them, really.  Especially the road, it's too dark for a supposed light jersey.

(And I'm still seeing the road as grey.)

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