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Coach Gretzky


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I think he will be a great coach!

But who could ever fire Gretsky someday?

Little tough for that to happen, seeing he kinda owns the 'Yotes...

i guess he could always fire himself :P

imo he should be a great coach. if what he did with team canada is any indication, the coyotes will be contenders in a year from now.

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I saw a clip from the press conference on the news the other day where Gretzky was saying how much fun he had coaching his son's baseball team, which is one of the contributing factors to him wanting to coach the Coyotes.

Now, I love Wayne as much as any Canadian, but when that's the only coaching experience you can list on a resume when taking over a professional hockey team, it makes me worry a little bit.

I think what he did in putting together the Canadian Olympic and World Cup squads mean he would be better suited to being a general manager.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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