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Minnesota Twins Concept


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Okay, my regular set turned the background black in photobucket. Yet the other one didn't. :blink: ya got me. Anyways, here it is. I made the "TC" the dominant (only) hat logo in this one. Don't worry, "Underlined M" fans, I'm workin on one with it as the primary. These are pretty simple, yet I think effective.

(You may not be able to see them very well. I'll try and fix them and re-post later.)


This one I just thought might look good, so I did it but didn't include it in the regualr set. Just thought I'd post it, though, to see what ya think about it.


And see, IT'S NORMAL!! I don't know what's going on. :wacko: C&C please.

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the vest set looks a little too cleveland indian-ish...i can even picture the name on the back saying "hafner" instead of "hunter", but i like the font used on the away sets...looks similar to the wordmark from the main logo that never gets used. overall, not bad.

It is the wordmark from the logo. I deleted the bar, made all the letters the same size, and arched them.

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Its a good concept.

I love the vest, but yes, it looks like the cleveland one a lot.

Ive always wished theyd add powder blue to the mix. Dont necessarily need a powder blue uni, just think navy and red looks good with Powder.

Love that you dropped the pinstripes on the grey. That looks so bad.

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