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Blue Penguins! Oh my!


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After reading the thread over in the main part of the forum, I decided to start crackin' on a new blue Pens concept. I did one a LONG time ago, back when we were over at fanhome or something. It was uploaded to my site in April of 2002. Crikey... Wanna see it? It sucked.

Anyhow... My new one is much better. I promise! :P I wanted to go with something that was similar to the style they wore in the mid-70s, but a little more like the style from their Stanley Cup era. Okay, so the main difference between the 2 was the diagonal vs. straight sleeve stripes. I decided to go with the darker powder blue (is that an oxy-moron?), which I feel is easier on the eyes. I also modified the crest a bit. I brought back the yellow, and a touch from the original logo that actually never appeared on a Penguins jersey.

Finally, since the Penguins don't have anyone from my beloved Winter Hawks, I went with former Cape Breton Screaming Eagle Marc-Andre Fleury for RC. It is his template afterall. And his resources. But the logos did come from CC.

You know the drill... Enjoy!


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Finally, since the Penguins don't have anyone from my beloved Winter Hawks, I went with former Cape Breton Screaming Eagle Marc-Andre Fleury for RC.

Ference? Or is he with someone else now?

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Thanks for the feedback all. 'Preciate it. ^_^

OMMF -- Andrew Ference has been with Calgary for the past couple NHL seasons, but thanks for thinking of him!

Vet & PatSox -- I appreciate your opinions on the black and gold. I really wanted to hold true to the era that the Pens wore blue, and that meant keeping the black and yellow on the crest only. I might try another version of this with some black and yellow elsewhere, but very minimally. As for the blue, this is the same blue the Pens used from 1973 to 1979, as per Pantone's database.

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Andy -- Thanks for the compliments! Let me say that "refined" or "professional" looking doesn't always mean a good concept. Also, "unrefined" or "unprofessional" doesn't always mean a bad concept. I've seen good concepts presented poorly, and some bad concepts presented nicely. As for yours, I like where you're going with your concept. As others have said, I'm not sure the hummingbird needs to be on the shoulders, but good ideas overall.

Stampman -- Thank you for the compliments as well!

Alrighty... here are 3 variations on the concept I posted earlier:

Variation #2 is for Brass. I took the yellow out of the logo, replaced it with the dark blue, and but some powder blue highlights around the penguin to make him stand out a bit.

Variation #3 was inspired by Patsox and Stampman. I lightened the blue a bit -- not quite to the eye-popping ice blue from the original pens' colors, but somewhere between that and what I used orginally. I also kept the yellow and black logo on this one.

And finally, Variation #4 is a hybrid of the previous two. I've taken the lighter blue and added the dark blue triangle and slapped 'em together. I'm really digging this one!

As for adding more black and yellow, I tried and tried and tried, and couldn't get anything to look balanced or right in any way. If I hit upon something good, I'll be sure to post it.


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#4 is my favorite. Unfortunately, as I think you found out, there isn't a good way to meld the traditional city colors of black and gold with the white and ice blue scheme that they started with (and BTW makes moer sense for a team named the Penguins).

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