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Cream Coloured Home Jerseys

Mr. no funny nickname

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O's, Astros, Brewers, Pirates,Padres(just a lighter version of what the wear now).

I don't think it works well with teams with bright red or bright blue. I also didnt think it would work for the O's untill I saw it.

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Nicely done.

Seems to me like one of those things only one team per division should do, so that would be:

Giants (of course)

Cardinals (or Pirates or Astros)



Indians (or Tigers)


Throw in one team per division in non-gray road unis and we'd be getting somewhere!

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They all look OK when shown next to each other and cream becomes the norm.

In general, it looks more appropriate on teams that have a longer history and whose uniforms resemble what they wore in the Flannel Uniform Era.

But like BallWonk said, there should be some limits on it; part of the reason I like the cream on the Giants' home set is that they're unique. If everyone did this, it would lessen the effect.

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