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yankees in the playoffs


yanks to the playoffs?  

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I'm not giving a "win it all" option cuz its not going to happen

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I honestly don't see them going past the Division Series. And that's all that needs to be said on it. I know there's gonna be at least one jerkoff who's gonna talk about how bad the Yankees suck, and then that's gonna start a fight..but whatever.


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I currently don't see them going, teams that I think have a real nice shot are the Indians(if they don't screw up), the Tigers YES THE TIGERS, the way they've been playing the last few games, you never know only 8 games back so watch out, and the Oakland Athletics, the Yankees could be looking up by a only a couple games. This year isn't their year, maybe next year when Torre and Cashman are gone :D

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With the way the A's are playing right now, they could win the wild card.

you mean a 3 game losing streak?

just bustin your chops here... sigh, 5 in a row have thrown us right out of the picture :cry::cry:

No, its losing 7 of their last 8 thats killing them. Theyd better pick it up and fast if they want to have any chance at a title


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I took the "No" option, but you gotta think the baseball gods just like to piss us (non-Yankees fans) off enough to have them make the playoffs again.

But with so much competition (3 teams tied going into tonight's games, with Minny close by), there's the hope that they'll get choked out by one of these teams that wins 75% of its games the rest of the way.

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