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I don't know if I'm just seeing things or not. Yesterday, watching high lights of the USC-Hawaii game, I thought I saw something like a yellow armband almost tucked into the sleeves of the USC players. Now watching the Miami-FSU game, I've definately seen the same things on players from both teams. Gold on the FSU players, Orange for the Miami guys. Are these on all of the uniforms, or are they actually armbands that players are just pushing very far up their arm?

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I think they're sweatbands that are worn high up on the arm, past the elbow. I don't have my NCAA rulebook in front of me, but if football uses the same restrictions as basketball, the sweatband is ok as long as the size of the logo falls under a certain size.

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well you are both wrong, its nike's new undershirt that they make, you can see it at www.nikegridiron.com its just that one sleeve has a different color then the rest of the shirt

The FSU shirt had a gold left sleeve and a garnet right sleeve:


The UM shirt had an orange left sleeve and a green right sleeve:



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I was just going to post that stuff.

On a few side notes...is Miami going Green at home instead of orange? I saw a few websites that said home jersey and it was the green one and I noticed the player photos had them in their green ones. Why would they take their pic in their alt? I hope they keep orange for home and green for alt.

Also, as a Cane fan, now I know what it's like to have poor kicking dictate the FSU/MIAMI games.

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