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This is what you've been waiting for...the tiebreaker between Patchez and teenchy.

Both were given the challenge of designing a logo for the Buffalo entry in the 1955 American Football League and the following are their submissions....

The Buffalo Wings



The Buffalo Ice Breakers


Vote for what you consider to be the best logo in terms or creativity, design and relevance to the time period.

Also please remember that this is a LOGO contest and although one entry does have the logo affixed to a helmet, that should not be considered when voting. Please vote on the logos only.

If this goes into double overtime, the designers will then be faced with designing a logo for an expansion team in Miami.

Good luck to two talented designers. I think it's going to be another close vote. :D

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I also vote for the Wings.

I did that because of it is supposed to be 1955.

The IceBreakers is a great logo though.

I think the Ice Breakers look more 55-ish--I vote for them...

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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And now a word from the designers.....

On the name Buffalo Wings....

The city of Buffalo and its surrounding regions have long played a significant role in America's aerospace industry. Many major aircraft manufacturers including Bell Aircraft, Consolidated Aircraft, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Fleet Aircraft and Thomas Morse Aircraft have had a strong presence in the area. As the result of a fan contest, many nicknames were submitted to the new owners of the Buffalo AFL franchise. Most were alliterative in nature, many making reference to the animal with the Latin name of Bison bison. Rather than going that well-traveled route the owners chose to honor Buffalo's citizens' contibution to American aviation by christening the team the Buffalo Wings.

The new franchise's logo, a winged football, draws inspiration in large part from the ovoid shape of Curtiss-Wright's C-46 Commando cargo aircraft. The Buffalo-built C-46 served with distinction as a long-haul workhorse, flying "the Hump" in the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II. It continues to serve the US Air Force (at least it did at the time of the founding of the AFL!) and in military and civilian capacities around the world.

It is rumored that a local bar and restaurant may be concocting some sort of beverage or dish to honor the new team.

On the name Buffalo Ice Breakers...

Named after the Buffalo Fire Department's Edward M. Cotter, the oldest

operating fireboat in the country and can be seen breaking ice on the

Buffalo River at least once a week in the winter.

Now back to the voting, which I failed to mention in the first post will continue for another week....

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