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Bills Concept


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- helmet logo concept - nice update!

- contrast color sleeves, although I am hoping you're putting TV numbers in the contrast space;

- getting rid of the godawful contrast colored yoke and most of the superfluous piping;

- socks with a stripe on them, and no "leotard" look, at least with the white pants.


- the combination of royal AND navy blue in the same concept is disastrous, and may be the biggest problem with their set now. Your concept uses even less royal blue, which makes the helmet logo look really out of place.

- navy side panels on a navy jersey. I don't like side panels, but this looks unnecessary IMO.

- the white uniform looks too "Houston Texans". The colors don't look like what the Bills should be wearing, even though they're great colors.


If you could decide on one shade of blue, these'll look 100 times better. I like the idea, and it has potential. Not sure about the font; it doesn't look quite right on NFL jerseys.

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Nice work. My advice would be to not use two shades of blue. Either navy or royal, but not both. Thats one of the major reasons everyone hates their current scheme is because, i believe, they use 4 different shades.


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The streaks coming off the buffalo reminds me of new england's too much.

The jerseys are a bit plain at the moment, they need tv numbers and logo's. The player name font is too wide. If just a 7 letter name takes up the entire nameplate, a longer name would stretch too far a across the back.


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'Nuff Said!

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