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Steroid Scandal


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I know this has probably been talked about many a time before, but.....

Barry Bonds,Sammy Sosa, Palmeiro are the names that everyone talks about whne you hear about steroids.

But what about Roger Clemens(nothing against him,i know he is one the best pitchers of generation) or Jason Giambi, anybody else come to mind?

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Let's see... Clemens is what 42? And he's still pitching great (for the most part.) He has gotten better since he turned 30. He was a beanpole when he pitched in Boston and in college at Texas. Now he looks like a linebacker. Call me crazy but I don't recall too many pitchers going from really good to great after they hit their mid 30's. I think it's safe to say that most players start trailing off as they get older. Look at Jack Morris or Reggie Jackson for example. Morris was done by the time he ended up in Cleveland in his 30's, Reggie was a shell of the player he used to be when he played his last season in Oakland. Clemens? All he did once he hit his 30's was go on to win a bunch of Cy Young Awards and seem to get better as he got older. I won't say whether he is or isn't on the juice...Oh the hell with it.

Yeah Clemens has been juiced for about 10 years. So have Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Giambi, and on and on...Does anyone really believe that Barry Bonds' knee was that screwed up? I think whatever he was on took a really long time to leave his system so instead of being tested and finally getting busted he just sat out until he was clean. Then he has the gall to say he's going to lose 30 pounds to ease the strain on his knee. He's kidding right?

If anyone honestly believes that all these players could not only maintain their level of play but actually improve as they got older without being on steroids then they are either naive or simply looking the other way.

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I've always thought Clemens was juicing. I'm amazed that steroid speculation amid pitchers have gone completely under the radar. If any batter experienced a Clemens like resurgance when he was supposedly in the twilight of his career, he would have been branded with the scarlet letter "s" with lightling speed.

I will not deny his greatness however. He's easily the best pitcher of this generation and could be top 3-5 ever, but as I've said before, what he's doing just ain't natural.

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