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Phoenix Coyotes makeover


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these are sweet. i agree that their logo is cool. i like how you added the idea of the stripes on the sleeves making it a "phoenix" look. i like the idea of a creamy color for an alt. the addition of the crescent moon with the coyote head on a circle is great. good job kroma!

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coyote over the crescent is a good idea.

Try reversing the orientation of the crescent. With the way the coyote's head is set, it obscures most of the moon, and you can't tell what it is looming behind the coyote's head. Or make it more offset so you can tell what it is.

My other issue is the use of cream and white to the degree that you used them. I'd go one or the other, but there's a lot of each on the other color's jersey.

Sleeves look nice - very Arizona (flag).

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I disagree with the motives of this redesign: personally, I feel that the Coyotes have one of the best uniforms in the league, if not the single best.

There's no need to reintroduce black into the jersey at all; there's more than adequate contrast between the two current colours. Incorporating the Crescent logo into the primary is unnecessary and confusing.

Criticisms aside, I love the striping: it would look good alternating between the maroon and the brick colours, like the AZ flag, and would make an excellent alternate (though I'd assume in the maroon, rather than in the brick).

At least you didn't put a Jets logo on them :rolleyes:



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I love the way you blended the idea of the state flag. the crescent moon, and coyote into one jersey, however i'd have to say i'm not a fan of the cream alternate, maybe a black but please no cream for me. A few minor touches to that moon and decision between white and cream and you got one hell of a concept.

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